As TCB gears up for its fourth annual Women in Corporate Leadership Luncheon on April 15, 2015, we’re launching five Twitter discussions on the subject based on ideas that came up during last year’s event.
If you would like to participate, please provide your thoughts or observations, as well as links to relevant other online discussions, media reports, research or other information on this subject. To do so, simply go to and tweet using the hashtag listed next to the subject you want to discuss.
• How best to work one’s way into a male-dominated company, industry, leadership team or board of directors. #malemajority
• How best to work with other women ascending the ladder or already at the top. #ladderclimbing
• How best to understand one’s individual blend of work and personal life priorities – and to keep checking in on this as life changes. #worklifeblend.
• Best corporate practices: Which Minnesota companies are doing the best at glass ceiling-breaking; how, and what does this mean in these instances? #ceilingbreaking
• How best can women mentor other women? #womenmentors

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