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2006 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

Celebrating five lifetimes of achievement.


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Re-imagining E-Government

Re-imagining E-Government

Gopal Khanna, Minnesota's new CIO, has ambitious plans for building the state's IT framework. His challenges: An aging state-government work force and tech-savvy younger citizens who want faster service.

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Recruiting An IT Consultant

The Twin Cities is brimming with IT talent. The challenge is finding the consultant that best suits your needs.

A Gas Tax, Not Gimmicks

Ciao, Mexico!

The D'Amicos give their high-style treatment to a new cuisine.

Taking Inventory

Taking Inventory

Due diligence for intellectual property can be complicated and time consuming, but you shouldn't buy a company without it.

Pirating Your Patents

Pirating Your Patents

Whether they are greedy parasites or legitimate patent holders, so-called "patent trolls" take time, resources, and money from the companies they sue.

Hall of Famers

Hall Of Famers

A constellation of enterprise and achievement.

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