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Cleaning Up

Guy Mingo started out as a part-time janitor at Marsden Building Maintenance. Now he's its CEO and has plans to increase revenues by 50 percent in five years. But then, he's always moved fast.


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The Return Of Dr. Kurt Amplatz

The Return Of Dr. Kurt Amplatz

He started AGA Medical to make devices that close holes in patients' hearts. Then a court order shut him out of his own business. At 82, he's back.

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Following The Evidence

Think your doctor is always abreast of the latest research? Maybe not.

An Ounce Of Prevention

When it comes to workplace law, a little information can head off a lot of trouble.

Eagle or Turkey?

Eagle Or Turkey?

Leadership makes the difference.

Puck, The Magic Player

Explore The Peninsula

Kuala Lumpur comes to Minneapolis, via Eau Claire.

2006 TechNO Expo

See and learn about the latest innovations without leaving your living room.

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