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Ruling The Roost

Beth Schnell was ready for the sudden transition to CEO of Sparboe Companies when her father died unexpectedly last October. How she's turning a commodity egg business into a better marketer.


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Poison To Ivy

Poison To Ivy

Since 1995, 150 former industrial sites in the Twin Cities area have been converted from contaminated land to profitable use. The cleanup of these “brownfields” has strengthened the local economy.

The Minnesota Company Rupert Murdoch Couldn't Kill

The Minnesota Company Rupert Murdoch Couldn't Kill

News Corporation's supermarket signage division looked as though it would squash its smaller competitor, Insignia Systems, like a bug. But Insignia fought back.

The Silent Revolution

The Silent Revolution

More Minnesota companies are offshoring white-collar jobs, and most want to keep it a secret. But there are good reasons to bring this trend out of the shadows.

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Gear of the Year

Gear Of The Year

Upgrade your work and play with multitalented consumer electronics.

Intellectual Corporate Waste

Intellectual Corporate Waste

Are you willing to pay the costs of mismanaged organizational intelligence?

Give Thanks To The Great Turkey

Southern Comfort Food

Family favorites -and stories- from a Louisiana native.

Programs that Work

Programs That Work

A contamination clean-up program has revitalized much of the Twin Cities, a small-cities renovation effort much of Greater Minnesota.

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