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The Dairy Decline

The Dairy Decline

Though it's Minnesota’s fourth-largest industry, the milk-products business continues to shrink, as antiquated plants, national competition, and an eroding milk supply hinder investment. Can anything be done?

They’ve Got The Beef

They’ve Got The Beef

J&B Group could double its sales to $1 billion in five years as it expands into new geographic and product markets. So why did a meat company with a brand called No Name succeed?

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Virtual Environment

Server virtualization can help you boost your server efficiency and reduce your IT costs. And that's just the start.


Build Vs. Buy

Should you have custom software developed for your company? Or does it make more sense to buy off-the-shelf?


Are You Being Served?

Software as a service treats software like a utility.



Some should be celebrated, others merely remembered.

Yogi on Positioning

Yogi On Positioning

When it comes to strategic thinking, don't make "too many wrong mistakes."

For 2008, We're The Hosts With The Most

Why the 2008 national political conventions should come to the Twin Cities.

Dim Sum Daily

Just one of the big attractions at Jun Bo.

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