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Dave's Vacation Plans

The founder of the Famous Dave's barbecue chain is back with an elaborate new concept that unites food, waterparks, and Americans' increasing preference for quick and easy vacations. Could the KeyLime Cove Resort be the start of Dave Anderson's next big thing?


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A Different Kind Of Driving Range

A Different Kind Of Driving Range

Former management consultant Bruno Silikowski is building a "country club" for owners of vintage, classic, and high-performance cars in Chanhassen. It will be a place to talk wheels, hang out, and, perhaps some day, take your car out for a high-speed spin.

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The New Edition

What does Web 2.0 mean for your business?


Building Your I-Team

Your Internal Web team should keep your site fresh and relevant. Find out how to determine who should serve on your I-Team, and why it's more important than ever.

Before the Gold Rush

Before The Gold Rush

Frank Ongaro heads up a new initiative to promote nonferrous mining in the Mesabi Range.

A New-Ordered World

A New-Ordered World

Finding efficiencies in global supply chains.

What Flips Your Pancakes?

What Flips Your Pancakes?

Desire for gain versus fear of loss.

Playing Favorites

Playing Favorites

Local business people—who are avid golfers—share some of their favorite courses in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Our Taxing Dilemma

You're Getting Warmer...Warmer...

Find your way to Little Szechuan and you'll be hot.

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