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Turning Over A New Leaf

Turning Over A New Leaf

A money loser for many years, med-tech firm Angeion is now running a profit under CEO Rod Young—and was one of the hottest local stocks of 2006. That success reflects the good fit between product and leader.

Checks And Balances

Checks And Balances

The acceleration of non-check bill paying has pushed Deluxe Corporation to pursue new product lines. So far, the stock market likes what it sees.

What Fair Isaac Predicts

What Fair Isaac Predicts

Loan repayments, consumer purchases, the likelihood that patients will take their medication—oh, and its own double-digit growth rates. New CEO Mark Greene sees a solid future in new applications and integration of Fair Isaac's "predictive analytics."

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The Change Agents

When new technology will alter the way people work, teaching them to use the software ain't the half of it.



Twin Cities Business has been named the best regional business magazine in the United States.

To Be an Effective Leader/Follower

To Be An Effective Leader/Follower

Ten ways to improve your "followship."

Roman Holiday

Bend It Like Bento

Chez Colette's 30-minute-lunch.

Vision Quest

Vision Quest

Tokoyo-based EyePlusPlus finds a Minnesota partner for a radical new sight-assistance technology.

Center of Attention

Center Of Attention

The right design can help you cut through the clutter and get noticed on the trade show floor.

The Super Bowl of Events

The Super Bowl Of Events

For its potential to raise Twin Cities visibility and attract future events, the 2008 Republican National Convention trumps even the NFL championship.

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