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The Journey Of Gene Sit

Gene Sit has taken Sit Investment Associates from $1 million to $6.6 billion under management. And through a family history of war, revolution, and immigration, he says, "We have confirmed what is possible in America."


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Stan Hubbard's Big Premiere

Stan Hubbard's Big Premiere

Stanley E. "Stan" Hubbard is expanding his family's media mini-empire into specialty cable networks. His company isn't big enough to take on established competitors yet. But if he can make his channels succeed, it could become Hubbard Broadcasting's biggest profit center.

The Most Unforgettable Person I Ever Worked With

The Most Unforgettable Person I Ever Worked With

Ten top Minnesota businesspeople tell tales of the men and women who changed their careers—and their lives.

What's In Store For Compellent?

What's In Store For Compellent?

Phil Soran, Larry Aszmann, and John Guider built Xiotech into a local high-tech superstar. Now the trio is developing another storage success story, with plans to go public. What makes the Compellent story so compelling, besides the track record of the three principals?

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It Consultants

In Demand: IT Consultants

Looking to hire a consultant to link your databases or write your software? Prepare to pay more—sometimes a lot more—than you would have five years ago.


Guided By Dashboards

Performance dashboards help companies track business metrics at a glance.

Two Cultures

A Tale Of Two Cultures

During and after a VOIP implementation, IT and telecom staff must join forces—often for the first time.

The Oddest Call

The Oddest Call

Columns don't always turn out the way writers plan.

Better, Faster, Cheaper Myopia

Better, Faster, Cheaper Myopia

Is innovation obsolete and undervalued?

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