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2007 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

Celebrating five lifetimes of achievements.


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The Heads Of The Class

The Heads Of The Class

The University of St. Thomas has lured three former CEOs to the classroom. They have many life lessons to teach.

"If You Could Afford To Live Here, You'd Already Be Home!"

Even some middle-income employees can't afford homes near their suburban jobs, and their employers are feeling the consequences. One solution: In Chaska, companies are supporting affordable housing developments for the middle class.

Schwan's Secret Recipe

Schwan's Secret Recipe

Think of Schwan Foods solely as a home-delivery company? It's breathing down Kraft's neck to become the top supermarket-pizza company in the U.S.

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Nordic Rewards

The Nordic countries can provide U.S. companies in the medical device, telecommunication, and energy industries new markets and a skilled work force.


Interviewing IT Consultants

Getting the best requires a rigorous interview.

Hall of Famers

Hall Of Famers

Meet Minnesota's most accomplished business leaders of all time.

Where's the Beef?

Where's The Beef?

Are highly paid executives creating real value?

Never Too Late For School

To-Go To Die For

Great picnic and patio fare? No sweat.

By Design

By Design

Hideki Yamamoto's career full of attention-getting branding designs has gotten him attention, too.

In-House Counsel, Outside Help

In-House Counsel, Outside Help

When do staff attorneys seek assistance from outside firms?

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