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"Now Everyone Wants A Train"

Light-rail transit has won over many of its opponents, including suburbanites and business groups, who want a line to Eden Prairie. But would they favor a tax increase to get it done?


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Boris Miksic's Double Life

Boris Miksic's Double Life

He left Yugoslavia 30 years ago and started a business in Minnesota. Now he wants to clean up corruption and reinvigorate his homeland's economy.

Rising Wind

Rising Wind

There's more behind Minnesota's growing number of wind projects than just renewable energy mandates for utilities. Rural landowners are part of a push for community-based wind energy development.

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Sister Act

What's the motivation behind sister city relationships? Promoting cultural ties or delivering economic benefits?

Lay of the Land

Lay Of The Land

Marc Putman designs attractive developments. But it's not easy to get them approved.

Pursuing Partnerships

Pursuing Partnerships

How to find and attract event sponsors in a competitive market.

The Talent Pool

The Talent Pool

There's an abundance of local talent to enliven your next event, but Minnesota entertainment gurus also know what it takes to book national acts.

Ahead of His Time

Ahead Of His Time

Political Leaders were warning of global climate change two decades ago.

Shareholder Protection: At What Cost?

Shareholder Protection: At What Cost?

Who's really paying for SOX compliance?

"Clothes For Clubs"

Colorful plastic-film sleeves cover steel shafts on golf clubs.


Windage "Removes The Pain—Improves The Game"

Calendar Awareness

Chef's Choice

Some of the most educated palates in town gather at the 112 Eatery.

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