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Ask Terry Trippler

Ask Terry Trippler

Air-travel expert Terry Trippler will help you find the lowest fare to where you're going. But he thinks you'll pay in the end. Call his often-surprising insights "aironomics."

Harvey Speaks

Harvey Speaks

About his life, career, and decision to buy back into his business at 74.

Taking The Junk Out Of Junk Mail

Taking The Junk Out Of Junk Mail

Despite the rise of the Internet and the supposed decline of print media, direct mail marketing has been growing. Chanhassen-based IWCO Direct has tripled its revenue in five years. That's because it's not simply stuffing mailboxes.

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Catching Up With The CIO

As technology evolves, so do the challenges for the people who maintain it.

Biodiesel Investing Made Easy

"That's right, the Average Minneapolis Joe . . . can now own a biodiesel plant."


Software Costs: Cradle To Grave

Software costs don't end with purchase and installation. Here's what to think about when considering an enterprise-wide deployment.


ERP Selection: Water Gremlin Case Study

Water Gremlin took on a challenging ERP assessment and selection process. What can other businesses learn from their success?

On Target

On Target


An "Eat Local" Challenge

Green Plants

Green Plants

Could the Twin Cities become a garden of green manufacturing?



The perilous illusions of prohibition-free zones.

The Tyranny of the Urgent

The Tyranny Of The Urgent

Are you making progress or just spinning your wheels?

The World According To GAAP

Provisions For Leaf Watching

Stop at Confluence along the way.

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