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2008 Entrepreneurs Of The Year

Arthur Huge, Daniel Ariens, Dr. Sean O. Casey, and the seven other winners of this year's program.


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Software's Next Wave

Software's Next Wave

With $100 million in venture backing, 2ndWave hopes to unlock the hidden value in small software companies by improving operational performance and making smart acquisitions.

In Peacetime

In Peacetime

More than 30 years after they left Vietnam, two Minnesota businessmen go back. It's not the past that draws them. It's the future.

Making Tech Experts

Making Tech Experts

Technology trainers help employees adapt to change.

Target Outside The Box

Target Outside The Box

Rich Varda is Target's in-house lead architect—and he's overseeing the design of stores that don't look like standard Targets. The idea is to create stores that fit in with nonstandard Target surroundings: a downtown shopping district, say, or a warehouse-lined street.

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A Boast, a Request, a Change

A Boast, A Request, A Change

Twin Cities Business has been named America's best regional business magazine.

Sioux Power And Light

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community will be a net producer of electricity by year's end.

Minnesota Gets Serious About Energy

Minnesota's focus on renewable energy garners attention from Sweden, and brings, possibly, new jobs to the state.



Hug Your Way to Success

Hug Your Way To Success

...without getting sued. Good, old-fashioned customer service is the key to a successful business.

Form the

Form The "K" And Swing Away

Mile-High Democrats

To: Delegates, Democratic National Convention, Denver, Colorado.

A Bull Market For Bison

Range roamers on the Dakota menu.

Four Memorable Events

Four Memorable Events

Local event planners celebrate anniversaries and engage employees with fun and inspiring parties

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