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2008 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

Celebrating five lifetimes of achievement.


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Running Aground?

Running Aground?

With barge traffic shrinking, will the Mississippi River's Twin Cities ports stay afloat? Cargo possibilities could be calling.

Paul Douglas' New Forecast

Paul Douglas' New Forecast

The meteorologist and entrepreneur has started his third new business: letting Internet users pick and choose the news stories–and ads–they want to see. Could this be the future of TV news? And will advertisers buy into it?

Who's Up When The Dollar's Down?

Who's Up When The Dollar's Down?

A weaker dollar means bad news for some Minnesota companies—and good news for others.

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Not IM, Not E-mail, POGO

At PowerObjects, better communication via robot.

Hall of Famers

Hall Of Famers

Meet five of Minnesota's most accomplished and most admired business leaders of all time.

It's All About EBITDA (Duh!)

It's All About EBITDA (Duh!)

Track cash, not profit, to understand the health of your business.

Tee Up!

Golf tips from local PGA pros Gerald McCullagh and Dee Forsberg-Voss

The Hub Is Key

To: Congressman Jim Oberstar, Chairman, U.S. House of Representatives

All The Fat, None Of The Guilt

Kinder, gentler foie gras from Minnesota.

Grain Belt Bubble?

Don't blame speculators, says the Minneapolis Grain Exchange.

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