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Rocking In A Free World

Even in an industry wildly in flux—CD sales plummeting, digital distribution (and free sharing) flourishing—people are still starting music labels in the Twin Cities. They aren't doing it for big money. But some are breaking national acts.


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The (Business) World According To Julian Schuster

The (Business) World According To Julian Schuster

The new dean of Hamline University's School of Business says that business students need to think outside the narrow confines of their specialties and their country. That means, among other things, less "leadership crap" and more Russian literature.

When Suzlon Came To Town

When Suzlon Came To Town

The company got public money, the city of Pipestone got jobs and a rejuvenated economy. But success brings its own challenges—worker and housing shortages. Now what?

More Private, Less Public

More Private, Less Public

Minnesota has just 154 public companies, down from 260 a decade ago. The slide will be hard to reverse.

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The General Good

The General Good

General Mills is tying its employee wellness efforts to its overall mission to nourish people.

Tough To Be a Musician

Tough To Be A Musician

Independent music producers are proliferating, but the market for recorded music is shrinking.

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Making tough decisions about CEOs

We All Deserve A Bailout

To: Ben Bernanke, chairman, Fedeal Reserve Board of Governors
Henry Paulson, secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Mushrooms To Make You Happy

Bayport Cookery's Morel Festival.

Three Great Wines To Pour This Summer

From Irv "Junior" Williams, bar manager, Il Vesco Vino southern Italian restaurant on Selby Avenue in St. Paul.

2008 ISES Minnesota Star Awards

2008 ISES Minnesota Star Awards

This year's winners are combining multiple experiences into a single event to keep guests coming back for more.

Tee Up!

Golf tips from local PGA pros Gerald McCullagh and Dee Forsberg-Voss

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