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Photograph by Travis Anderson

Surrounded by totes and conveyors at the New Hope distribution center, SimonDelivers President and COO Liwanag Ojala says her company’s grocery delivery system is a well-oiled machine. Now what needs to reach consumers is the message that SimonDelivers can “enhance people’s lives.”

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Online grocer SimonDelivers was set to be sold. But with a new investor and a new leader, it is responding to consumer demand for more local, organic, healthy, and convenient foods, and expects flat sales to climb.


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Leonid Hurwicz's Game

Leonid Hurwicz's Game

Minnesota's latest Nobel laureate has brought an understanding of life's imperfections—and his own remarkable life—into the study and improvement of economic transactions.

Making It Big

Making It Big

Why did Minnesota become home to many of the nation's largest commercial builders? And can they stay upright in an uncertain period for the building industry?

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Sending IT Offshore

Information-technology work can be done in a lot of places. The trick is to decide which work to farm out and how fast.

What's Next For Elliot Park?

A forgotten corner of downtown Minneapolis has good location, real challenges—and plans for change.

Out Of The Shadows

Last year, African economies grew at their fastest rate ever. The continent's economic status is growing and stabilizing. But will Minnesota companies be taking part?


Achieving Compliance: Rules & Tools

IT executives find themselves at the epicenter of compliance efforts.

Electric Events

Electric Events

Advances in connectivity and projection technologies are transforming the meeting and conference experience.

Entering Africa

Entering Africa

Some notes on China's new economic frontier.

Making Good on Good Intentions

Making Good On Good Intentions

Leadership Tony Dungy's way.

Go Wild

Bob Neagele, Jr.
Chairman, Minnesota Wild

3 Great New Tastes To Try At Home

From Birchwood Café owner Tracy Singleton

Cassoulet, S'il Vous Plaît

Just one good reason to head to Meritage on a winter night.

Four Memorable Events

Four Memorable Events

Every business event should deliver a company message. These four show how it can be woven throughout—from the cocktail hour to the 18th green.

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