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Oil barons of Wayzata: Northern Oil and Gas CFO Ryan Gilbertson (left) and CEO Michael Reger have built their company largely on Reger's family's history on the "Williston Basin," a tantalizingly rich source of oil. New drilling technology could make extracting it more likely.

Squeezing Oil From Rock

A Wayzata company is seeking to harvest black gold from a vast expanse of shale in the upper great plains. It could contain up to 500 billion barrels of high-quality oil. The big challenge is to actually extract that petroleum out of the ground.


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Gut Instinct

Gut Instinct

He's got attitude, a raunchy sense of humor, and he's wearing the wrong clothes. But Phil Roberts knows exactly where you want to eat.

A Sound Education

A Sound Education

McNally Smith College of Music in Minneapolis is working to become one of the nation's premier music schools. You may not have heard of it. But in a rapidly changing music industry, it's pumping up the volume.

Lemna's African Adventures

Lemna's African Adventures

Lemna International has been planting infrastructure projects throughout the world.

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Trade Mission At Work

Participating in Minnesota's trade mission to India last year introduced one local company to its Indian match.

Econ Club

A new forum for making Minnesota competitive.

Technology Buyer

Technology Buyer's Guide: Dream Machines

A look at 2008's best business technology.

The Business Card, Supercharged

Workfaces's Web-enabled remake is meant to go networking sites one better.

Where Will All The Switchgrass Come From?

Looking ahead to the offshoots of a biomass energy industry.

The Meet and Eat

The Meet And Eat

Some things to consider before an important business dinner.

The Wine And Dine

Twin Cities restaurants have just the place for your next company dinner party.



How we pay for our oil.

Underdog Done Good

Underdog Done Good

Achieving dreams takes persistence, determination, and sacrifice.

Out Of Change

To: Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain, candidates for president of the United States

Casual Obsessions

Barbette knows the disciplined craft behind informal bistro fare.

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