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Sheila Livingston has been associated with the Guthrie Theater since its earliest days in the 1960s, when she join the Guthries's volunteer organization.

Making The Scene

How did professional theater get so big in the Twin Cities?


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IBM's Triple Play

IBM's Triple Play

Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii, and Sony's PlayStation 3 all got some of their smarts at IBM's Rochester campus.

The Quietest Room In The World

The Quietest Room In The World

Orfield Laboratories is making noise with its ideas for making commercial buildings more energy efficient and productive.

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Tried & Tested

The need for software testing.

Computers Go Green

Environmentally friendly PCs, PCTVs, and digital signs could save on energy costs and keep electronic trash out of landfills.

After The Merger: Integrating IT

Woodstock Wind Farms

Bruce Mooty

What Are You Afraid Of?

Jill Lloyd believes the answer is changing.

Presenting Minnesota

Presenting Minnesota

This is an issue we would want non-Minnesotans to read.

Golf Lessons for Leaders

Golf Lessons For Leaders

How golf connects with business.

The GOPers Are Here! The GOPers Are Here!

To: Delegates and Alternates, 2008 Republican National Convention

Steak That's Really Rare

Tartare at Sanctuary.


Ways to savor farmer's market flavor.

2008 Minnesota Biosciences

2008 Minnesota Biosciences

The latest in Minnesota's bioscience sector.

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