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Photo by Craig Bares

Santa Sid has been the main attraction for 14 Christmases at Mall of America.

Santas On Their Way

Any guy in a red suit can generate a little mall traffic. But an extraordinary Santa can build a small dynasty.


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Small-Business Success Stories 2009

Small-Business Success Stories 2009

Nine distinctive tales of entrepreneurial glory- challenges faced, lessons learned, rewards earned.

ShopNBC Reprograms Its Shopping Channel Model

ShopNBC Reprograms Its Shopping Channel Model

Back from the brink of bankruptcy, ShopNBC has re-adjusted and refocused. Will consumers and investors buy what it's selling?

Minnesota Cup 2009

Minnesota Cup 2009

Most Promising Entrepreneurs

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Small-Business Success Stories 2009 Awards

Watch the 2009 Small-Business Success Stories Awards

The Get-Along Gang

Marketing and IT experts explain how their quest for a better Web site has resulted in a better working relationship.

B2B Goes Web-Centric

For businesses selling to other businesses, Web sites are no longer an afterthought—they've become central to the selling process.

How Santa Really Looks

How Santa Really Looks

Why would anyone want to dress the world’s number-one expert in holiday generosity and on-time delivery in a New York Yankees uniform?

Hello Sun, Goodbye Dome

As modest as a Norwegian Lutheran prairie church, the Dome is an underappreciated asset.

Stoke Up

Hot drinks to warm your inner warrior.

At Finnegans, Begin Again

At Finnegans, Begin Again

Jacquie Berglund's volunteer-led beer company is a career starter.

Drill Down to the Inner Artist

Drill Down To The Inner Artist

At Frattallone's Ace Hardware, the handyman's creative side gets its due.

luid Interiors Reinvents Itself as a Green Office-Interiors Company

Fluid Interiors Reinvents Itself As A Green Office-Interiors Company

The company not only carries eco-friendly brands; it handles recycling of old furnishings.

Minnesota Company Cleans Up by Cleaning Up Old Military Bases

Minnesota Company Cleans Up By Cleaning Up Old Military Bases

For Bay West, it's about dirty jobs that the company's more than willing to do.

Minute Clinic Cofounder Heads Up Health Care Start-Up

Minute Clinic Cofounder Heads Up Health Care Start-Up

Zipnosis offers a fast diagnosis for common ills.

Raw Meal Deal

Raw Meal Deal

Pure Market Express brings the raw-food movement to grocery store shelves.



News bits from around Minnesota.

Avocation to Vocation?

Avocation To Vocation?

Fredrikson asks: Does your hobby improve your work?

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