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Medtronic’s Jan Erickson (above) says the company is preparing for a wave of baby boomer retirements.

Boomer Exodus

The bleak economic outlook notwithstanding, most baby boomers will still be packing up their desks and heading into some kind of retirement soon. How will companies fare when they leave?


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20 To Watch In 2009

How will these Minnesota businesses and business leaders handle the most challenging economic climate in decades?

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Re-Design Re-Build

Once the Twin Cities' largest architectural firm, Ellerbe Becket fell on hard times in the early 2000s. Here's what went wrong, and what's going right.

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What Business Thinks—Are You Ready To Rock?

This time, our annual poll asks how Twin Cities Business readers are approaching retirement.

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Jan McDaniel

Jan McDaniel

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Leading In Crisis

Be a positive, energizing force for your company.


To: The Honorable Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury

Pho Is A Winter Tonic

Pho 79 in Minneapolis.

Stout Hearted

Beers to pair with winter fare.

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