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2009 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

Honoring five lifetimes of achievement.


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Healing Health Care

Healing Health Care

37 Minnesota health care experts offer insights into repairing a broken system.

High Speed Rail: On The Fast Track?

High Speed Rail: On The Fast Track?

A distant dream just a handful of years ago, high-speed passenger rail lines appear much closer to being built, thanks to the Obama administration's financial support. But will enough travelers use a Twin Cities–Chicago route to make it feasible? Is 110 miles per hour really all that fast?

The Pay-to-Play Job Hunt

The Pay-to-Play Job Hunt

TCB's undercover job candidate, Jack Gordon, comes back—wounded, but still sardonic—from a month on the executive job-search Web sites.

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Hall of Famers

Hall Of Famers

Introducing five of Minnesota's most accomplished and most admired business leaders of all time.

Dumb and Dumber Executive Pay

Dumb And Dumber Executive Pay

Stupid rationalizations for excessive compensation.

Reform School

To: Maybe-Senator Norm Coleman, Maybe-Senator Al Franken

The Saffron At Saffron

A golden thread ties the menu together.

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