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The Family Business

Tom Petters' co-conspirator Michael Catain was the entrepreneur behind Liquid 8 Records. But he also inherited a business from his father: financial crime.


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Coming Out Of The Shadows

Coming Out Of The Shadows

Curtis Nelson is emerging from the family fold to make his grandfather's legacy his own.

St. Paul To São Paulo

St. Paul To São Paulo

Why did a group of U.S. farm cooperatives decide to become a global grain merchant—and a Fortune 500 company? For CHS, it was a matter of staying ahead in the increasingly complex agribusiness market.

Comeback To The Future

Comeback To The Future

The management of Minnesota Diversified Industries—a nonprofit that provides useful work for the disabled—was spending big money on perks while the business nearly fell off a cliff. Here's how it got turned around.

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Putting The Serve In Server

Service-oriented architecture can make your company's IT system function seamlessly for users.

Closing The Loop

Companies aim for 360-degree view of customers by integrating CRM with Web marketing.

Chameleon Leadership

Chameleon Leadership

Adopting different leadership styles during a crisis.

Rabid Redux

To: Minnesota Senator Ann Rest
Minnesota Representative Laura Brod

An Obama Bump For Indonesian?

Get ahead of the trend at Bali.

Rare Reds

And a remake to come at Cue.

Meeting And Event Planners You Should Know

Four Memorable Events

Four Memorable Events

Four Twin Cities organizations show how a good time is done—from the feedlot to the light fantastic.

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