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Mix Master

After a career of formulating time- and money-saving pharmaceuticals at his Minnesota business, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Ken Evenstad started blending one of the most prestigious pinot noirs in the country.


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First Avenue Keeps Bringing The Minneapolis Sound

First Avenue Keeps Bringing The Minneapolis Sound

Despite some flat moments, First Avenue has been the epicenter of the Twin Cities music scene for nearly four decades.

Thomson Reuters' Brain

Thomson Reuters' Brain

The Eagan business that was once West Publishing now supplies its parent company with the intellectual firepower to outmaneuver Bloomberg and LexisNexis.

Minnesota Credit Unions Want To Lend More To Business

Minnesota Credit Unions Want To Lend More To Business

Minnesota credit unions claim that they're withstanding the recession and the real estate bust nicely, thank you. Now they want to lend to capital-hungry small businesses. Banks beg to differ.

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The Six-Million-Dollar Host

An invitation for 2012: What's red, all over, and in the black?

Technology 2009

Technology Tools

Find the gadget that best fits the way you work.

Mellow Out

Café 128 tames "the stinking rose."

The Conceptual Cocktail

Is the sum of the parts greater than the whole?

A Minnesota Company Makes a Video Camera in the U.S.A.

A Minnesota Company Makes A Video Camera In The U.S.A.

Vaddio manufactures a specialized high-end video camera—in Minnesota.

Building Material as Local as Your Own Backyard

Building Material As Local As Your Own Backyard

It's "Wood from the 'Hood."

Lillians Shoppes Brings Trendy Designs to Main Street America

Lillians Shoppes Brings Trendy Designs To Main Street America

And its stores are open only four days a month. How does that work?

Recession Helps Power Demand for Dental Temps

Recession Helps Power Demand For Dental Temps

Dental People has tripled in revenues over the past three years.


News bits from around Minnesota.

Breaking Out With Breakthrough Drugs?

Executive Compensation Counsel

Executive Compensation Counsel

Crafting performance-based compensation that supports a company's long-term sustainability.

Why Events Still Matter

Why Events Still Matter



"There are two ways to cope with wine snobbery. One is to compare wines with their labels hidden." —Leon D. Adams, The Wines of America, 1973

Crisis as Change Agent

Crisis As Change Agent

Effective leaders utilize crisis to force change.

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