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2009 Entrepreneurs Of The Year

Meet the risk-takers who have successfully built businesses, often in the face of daunting obstacles.


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Ulteig Engineers Is Engineering Growth

Ulteig Engineers Is Engineering Growth

The Fargo-based firm restructures itself for greater efficiency—and has doubled in size, extending its geographic and professional reach.

Wilbur Foshay: Crook

Wilbur Foshay: Crook

Long before Tom Petters and Bernard Madoff, a Minneapolis entrepreneur hatched a monumental scheme that built a landmark—and landed him in prison.

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The Wisdom—and Editing—of Crowds

Kristina Halvorson's new book is an experiment in "crowd sourcing."

IT Cost Management

The top 5 ways to cut your IT costs.

Cloud Computing

With cloud computing, companies can cut both start-up and operating costs from technology budgets.

Catering to Simpler Tastes

Catering To Simpler Tastes

Twin Cities recession-era caterers offer low-cost meals, marketing savvy, and a green sensibility.

Medical Devices Designed In Virtual Reality

The U's new technology could cut the cost of product development in half.

The Gulf of Mutual Incomprehension

The Gulf Of Mutual Incomprehension

To be a leader in any realm, it helps to understand worlds other than your own.

Governance or Government?

Governance Or Government?

Business need to choose now.

Delta Dental Is The Model

For health care reform, open wide and look to Minnesota.


A restaurant practicing Italian art.

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