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Fallon's Long Road Back

After a half decade when it seemed to lose its way, the iconic ad agency has reorganized and landed one of its biggest accounts ever. In its work for Chrysler, look for signs that a once TV-centric Fallon is taking alternate routes.


The Fallon ad agency lands Chysler—and under CEO Chris Foster, halts its free fall + Minnesota's quiet hearing-device industry

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The Speed Of Sound

The Speed Of Sound

Minnesota's hearing aid industry cluster is innovating fast—despite the fact that few people actually want to buy what it makes.

Nuclear Powerhouse

Nuclear Powerhouse

PaR Nuclear, a long-ago spinoff of General Mills, is fueling a global resurgence in nuclear energy.

The Next Wellhead

The Next Wellhead

U.S. Energy Services became one of Minnesota's fastest-growing companies thanks largely to natural gas deregulation. Climate change legislation could fuel its next boom.

In On The Games

In On The Games

Three local businesswomen will be at this year's Winter Olympics. They're competitors in both sport and work.

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Green And The Bottom Line

How do companies decide which green initiatives bring real value to customers, the business, and the environment?

Big Stink

Big Stink

Your smelly washer is Paul Flynn's business.

Good Beer, for the People

Good Beer, For The People

Fulton Beer is the Twin Cities' newest craft brewer.

Hot Topic Radio

Hot Topic Radio

Two print journalists make the jump to radio—and get up close and personal with unnerving subject matter.

Joe Stark Brings Nanotech to the Forest

Joe Stark Brings Nanotech To The Forest

He speaks for the trees—and for their uses.

The Bite is Right

The Bite Is Right

Bite Tech's new mouth guard promotes more than protection.

Super Directors to the Rescue?

Super Directors To The Rescue?

Robert Pozen and a view of the financial crisis from Medtronic's board.

The New Jobs of New York

The New Jobs Of New York

Happy New Year. Having survived 2009—and the so-called Decade From Hell—we can look forward to a happier and more prosperous 2010, can't we?

Surviving Being Right

Surviving Being Right

. . . when those in power are wrong.

Rock On, Dick Clark!

People who keep working in their golden years should be celebrated, not denigrated.

Red Roses, Black Pudding

Solera's aphrodisiac.

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