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Richard Davis started in banking as a teller. Now he leads one of the healthiest banks coming out of the Great Recession—one that avoided the financial temptations (particularly in real estate) thatlaid other banks low. He also chairs the Financial Services Roundtable, an industry group that will be influential in the debate regarding financial services reform.

How U.S. Bank Saved Its Own Bacon

The bottom line: by not making a pig of itself.


How U.S. Bank saved its own bacon + Cargill’s next big move in biopolymers

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One Word: Biopolyols

One Word: Biopolyols

With soy-based BiOH, Cargill makes its next move into a greening polymers industry.

Could This Start-Up Change The Face Of Medicine?

Could This Start-Up Change The Face Of Medicine?

Doris Taylor’s groundbreaking U of M research on how to build hearts and other organs is now the core of a fledging start-up, Miromatrix. It could be a sign that technology transfer at the university is improving. And while the company doesn’t own a mailbox today, tomorrow, some believe, it could spawn a whole new med-tech industry.

A Second Course At Seven

A Second Course At Seven

Angry partners. Broke investors. A flawed business plan. But the former R. Norman and 7 Sushi survived. Now David Koch is taking the restaurant in a new direction.

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TechNO 2010

2010 TechNO Expo

The Twin Cities Business virtual technology trade show.

Chamilia Gives the Charm Bracelet an Upgrade

Chamilia Gives The Charm Bracelet An Upgrade

Customers in 11 countries can create their own Chamilia bracelets.

Fertilizer for the Green Economy

Fertilizer For The Green Economy

The Cleantech network plans to do for green business what the Twin Cities already do for med tech.

Framing a Bike Business

Framing A Bike Business

Northfield-based Rawland Cycles boasts practical, versatile bicycle frames—and a catalog of Norwegian monikers.

Solid Base

Solid Base

Anchor Block has succeeded by changing with the times.

The Nose That Knows

The Nose That Knows

How PureChoice evolved from a seller of air filters to selling air quality—digitally.

Top-Line Growth at Bachman’s

Top-Line Growth At Bachman’s

Modular green roofs are on the rise.



News bits from around Minnesota.

In Debilitating Illness, Leadership Strength

In Debilitating Illness, Leadership Strength

Juut’s David Wagner shared his weakness to make his company stronger.

Byron Wien Likes Surprises

Byron Wien Likes Surprises

An esteemed predictor of the unexpected offers his current top 10 list for investors.

The New Normal

The New Normal

Local small businesses make the most of limited resources.

Bio Building Boom

Bio Building Boom

The University of Minnesota’s new Biomedical Discovery District aims to innovate and fuel the growth of the state’s bioscience industry.

Data, A Dinger, And A Prayer

Need a reason to celebrate? How about the weakness of that which threatens us?

Anticipating the Unimaginable

Anticipating The Unimaginable

The biggest threats to our companies are the ones we don’t imagine. Remember the Titanic!

When Corporations Speak

Their views are diverse, and now their speech is protected.

A Little Something Sweet

At Sweets Bakeshop, it's likely to be just a little savory, too, and very artful.

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