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The Best Of The Recession

Many local companies profited during the economic downturn of the past couple years.


The Best of the Recession + In a soft independent-film market, Werc Werk Works is releasing three new movies

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It might have been a great Minnesota success story. It might have made its founders rich. But Excelsior-Henderson crashed and burned, taking more than $100 million in investors’ money down with it. Ten years later, Dan Hanlon wants the story—and the brand—to endure.

Do Something!

Do Something!

Former Navy SEAL Al Horner is on a mission to train people how to avoid or escape dangerous assaults. He takes a distinctive approach to self-defense—one that numerous Minnesota companies, including General Mills, have taken to heart.

Sarah Kinney Sells History

Sarah Kinney Sells History

When is a house not just a house? Get Sarah Kinney started on homes in St. Paul’s historic Ramsey Hill district, and pretty soon you’re dealing in poetry.

How To Werc The System

How To Werc The System

In a soft market for independent films, fledgling indie producer Werc Werk Works is releasing three new movies and getting leverage with distributors.

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The CIO View

Two technology leaders offer a snapshot view of their unique IT organizations.


Negotiating Software Costs

IT leaders are trying to keep software maintenance costs from swallowing their budgets.


Bring Your Own PC

Are employee-owned laptops and mobile devices a boon to productivity and recruiting, or an IT manager’s nightmare?

We Get What We Pay For

We Get What We Pay For

Minnesota needs to restore the integrity of its own brand.



A final word before moving along.

Breaching Psychological Contracts

Breaching Psychological Contracts

The high costs of organizational downsizing.

The Most Important Elections

They're not those for governor and state legislators.

Crêpes Du Jour

At Meritage and elsewhere, they're the street food of the day.

“Micro-Law” for Health Care Providers

“Micro-Law” For Health Care Providers

New firm FriedemannFoarde develops new strategies to keep its fees low.

A Drinking Problem

A Drinking Problem

How can Surly Brewing keep up with demand for its beers?

Dogs Say Aarf, Their Owners Say BARF

Dogs Say Aarf, Their Owners Say BARF

Woody’s Pet Food Deli is on top of the “biologically appropriate raw foods” trend.

Doing Battle: Stylists Enter the Fray

Doing Battle: Stylists Enter The Fray

The owner of Bleach salon weighs in on style.

Every House Tells A Story

Putting It Together

Putting It Together

Nibi Software gathers the most useful stuff on the Web in one place. Now it’s developing a new approach to online mobile video.

Sell Anywhere

Sell Anywhere

Alvenda turns online ads and Facebook pages into digital retail “stores.”

Suntava Takes on Red Dye No. 40

Suntava Takes On Red Dye No. 40

By using purple corn, the company is developing an alternative to red dye number 40.

The Alphabetter Desk in “Why Design Now”

The Alphabetter Desk In “Why Design Now”

Safco Products’ Alphabetter desk gets some attention at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum.

The Travelocity Of Donating

A new service called Good Donor is making things easier for charities and donors.


Solar PV Manufacturing Comes To Minnesota

Two start-ups and a new incentive program mark the dawn of a new industry in the state.

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