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Doug Kelley’s Clawback Incorporated, In The Wake Of Petters’ Ponzi Scheme

Trustee Doug Kelley has created a mini-industry that’s out to recover as much as $18.4 billion for the victims of the Petters Ponzi scheme. But the recovery efforts are making many debtors—which include nonprofits—feel victimized. Kelley says he has no choice: “We are making law day by day.”


Doug Kelley Leads "Clawback Incorporated" + What Business Thinks: TMI?

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Innovation. Companies Want It. But What Is It? That’s Where Uri Neren Comes In.

Innovation. Companies Want It. But What Is It? That’s Where Uri Neren Comes In.

His answer to that question is deceptively simple: “Something that changes the world.” The founder and CEO of Minneapolis firm Generate, Neren has overseen the creation of the World Database of Innovation, which is bringing a lexicon to the chaotic language of innovation. He also has organized Innovation Minnesota, where executives from some of the state’s largest companies help each other prepare for what’s next.

Why Buy When You Can Swap, Rent, Borrow, Barter, Or Get It For Free?

Why Buy When You Can Swap, Rent, Borrow, Barter, Or Get It For Free?

The economy is moving toward “collaborative consumption,” says Rachel Botsman, co-author of What’s Mine is Yours. How will companies make the shift from selling products to selling access?

What Business Thinks: TMI?

What Business Thinks: TMI?

Twitter feeds, blogs, and oh yeah, traditional media—is it too much information, or just enough to create new opportunities? Here’s What Business Thinks™ about the new media landscape.

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Tasting Menus Come To The 'Hood

At Victory 44 and Travail, a bargain-priced tour of a chef's creative thinking.

All I Want For Christmas

Better budgets, a terrorist named Lars, and Larry Bird.

2010 Tech

2010 Technology Innovators

The Minnesota High Tech Association’s 2010 Tekne Awards honor the companies, products, and individuals that drive the state’s technology industries.

Start-Up Rampant View Turns iPods Into Head Cams

Start-Up Rampant View Turns IPods Into Head Cams

John Opdahl and his son have created a system for fastening video-capable iPods to helmets.

Tuning In

Tuning In

Zencoder makes it easier to watch TV on your computer.

Bridge to Innovation

Bridge To Innovation

Ovative Group connects start-ups with large companies seeking innovative digital technologies.

OptumHealth’s New Business: Wellness for the Very Well

OptumHealth’s New Business: Wellness For The Very Well

The company opens a facility for endurance training and plans to blend consumer and corporate markets.

Such a Deal!

Such A Deal!

But how long can Groupon imitators and their retailer clients live on price cuts?

The $100,000 Shakedown

The $100,000 Shakedown

Minnesota goes on a tear to corner “non-compliant” business taxpayers.

Regional Economic Development

Regional Economic Development

Others are doing it well; can the Twin Cities?

Values Added

Values Added

The case for instilling a conscience in our future leaders.

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