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2011 Minnesota Business Hall Of Fame

Honoring five lifetimes of achievement.


Minnesota Business Hall of Fame + Tapping Minnesota's Greatest Resource: Water

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Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full

Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full

A projected global shortage of fresh water will be a big issue for business. For some Minnesota companies, it already is. Here’s how they size up the risks and opportunities.

Space Race With Space150

Space Race With Space150

After a year of rapid-fire expansion, Space150 keeps reaching for the digital leading edge in advertising.

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Let The Games Begin!

Summer is the season to mix business and fun, American style. Here are some ways to be a good sport.


Masu Raises The Bar On Japanese Bar Food

To sushi, add izakaya munchies.

Vance Opperman

Don’t Stand For These Guys

Part of a lawyer’s business is representing unpopular causes.

Lee Schafer

Hooked In, Not Selling Out

The principals of RJF Agencies—a “fierce independent”—sold to a global giant but remain very much in charge.And now they are pitching the same deal to other insurance agencies.


Can This Bull Keep Running?

Leuthold Weeden says yes, cautiously.

Mark Sheffert

The High Cost Of Low Trust

Nothing generates more profit than the economics of trust.


Pouring More Venture Capital Into Water

Money trail

Doing Well, Doing Good, Staying Local

Granite Equity Partners has a mission that makes it distinctive among private equity firms.


For Bauer, Olson Anthropologists Find "Hockey Truths"

Olson employed its “brand anthropology” method—lots of time at the rink with players—to develop the campaign for Bauer’s new Vapor APX skates.


All Aboard

Effective employee orientation, or “onboarding,” reduces early-stage turnover and boosts day-one productivity.

Skybox Offices

A Bird’s-Eye View Of The Ballpark

Who says the best seats are in the stadium?

Dale Kurschner

Wake Up And Smell The Ginseng

If we don’t better support our early-stage companies, China soon might.


China: From Pirate To Patent Powerhouse

China has begun to take intellectual property rights seriously—and create a significant portfolio of its own.


Thinking Big, Designing Small

DesignWise Medical uses a social enterprise model to develop medical devices for small children.

Shock Doctor

Money Where The Mouth Is

After operating under the radar, sports gear maker Shock Doctor is ready to do some shouting.

Famous Dave's

Watching Famous Dave

An episode of hyper-reality TV.

Patented Coverage

Patented Coverage

The specialized world of intellectual property insurance.

North Dakota Taps MN To Fill Job Openings

Officials from North Dakota are looking for Minnesotans to help fill the state's 17,000 job openings.

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