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Can Capitalism Save The World?

Fred Haberman and other social entrepreneurs think that it can help. In fact, it has to.


Can Capitalism Save the World? + Minnesota's Silicon Touch

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Bend the Insurance Cost Curve

Bend the Insurance Cost Curve

Frustrated by their annual wrangling over health care reimbursement rates, care provider Fairview Health Systems and insurer Medica decided to try something more collaborative. They didn’t know it two years ago, but they were forming one of the country’s first “accountable care organizations” or ACOs. The model they set up reduces costs for both organizations and it has national influence. But what is an ACO? And will employers get in on the savings, too?

Minnesota's Silicon Touch

Minnesota's Silicon Touch

The state is a major—and growing—producer of the microchips found in your smart phone, iPad, and other touchscreen devices.

Taking Care Of Business, Summer Style

Taking Care Of Business, Summer Style

How to look your best whether in the office or at summer events.

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Money trail

Slipping Through A Slit Of Opportunity

Did Manny Villafaña’s latest IPO get help from high places? It sure could have used some.

Tony Carideo

Threading The Needle

Making it easier to get a patent.

Taylor Falls

Get Out Of The Office!

All work and no play can make anybody dull. Invite your favorite VIP clients out for a day of fun and leave the Twin Cities behind.


Brasserie Inspired, With A Modern Fillip

Adam Vickerman brings back Sunday suppers at Café Levain.

Campbell Mithun Listens Out Loud

The agency turns up the volume on being a Web 3.0 brand by hosting multichannel “Talkinars.”

Whole Hog

Whole Hog At Il Gatto

“A celebration of all that pork can be.”

For Subaru, Carmichael Lynch Puts Heart Over Head

Carmichael Lynch found and tapped the “deep connection” that Subaru owners make with their cars


DNA Diamonds: Customized With Carbon From You


Setting The Table In Africa

In a new initiative from General Mills and Cargill, philanthropy is market building and vice versa.

Dale Kurschner

Cultivating Hunger Relief

Social entrepreneurialism is hard at work as a coalition gears up to provide an additional 100 million meals to needy Minnesotans.


2011 ISES Minnesota Star Awards

This year’s winning events succeeded with diverse inspirations and careful executions.

Vance Opperman


Want a jobs program with sustained benefits for the state? Invest in the U.

Lee Schafer

Knowing When To Move On

Bringing in a new chief executive allowed Paddock Labs to grow, and attract a buyer.

Mark Sheffert

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Coffee

Starbucks’ experience offers tips for turning mistakes into learning opportunities.

Red Wing

Seen On Site

Red Wing is using online video to convey “brand authenticity.”

Defending Your Finances

Defending Your Finances

How banks and finance managers protect businesses against fraud.


A Team Experience

6 creative ways to enhance cohesion in a company.


The Race To Better Sleep

Meet three Minnesota med-tech firms pursuing the obstructive sleep market. What opportunity do they see?


Preparing For Reform

Health care reform is a moving target, but benefit managers still have some changes to aim at.

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