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Can Retail Be Restored?

Though it has lost a lot of stores, downtown Minneapolis may have what it needs—except for a retail advocate.


Can Retail Be Restored? + Andy Redleaf's Many Happy Returns

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Andy Redleaf’s Many Happy Returns

Andy Redleaf’s Many Happy Returns

The hedge fund industry is back—sort of—and Redleaf, the contrarian mind behind Whitebox Advisors, has been trouncing industry benchmarks.

International Citizen Award Honorees

International Citizen Award Honorees

This year’s International Citizen Award honorees have championed global business growth, innovation, and philanthropy.

Turning Points: Ten Minnesota Achievers

Turning Points: Ten Minnesota Achievers

Ten Minnesota achievers tell their stories of great and often sudden changes, and how these unexpected turns drove their personal and professional success.

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Making a Contribution

Making A Contribution

Change demands more than enthusiasm and a good cause. Business education is providing social entrepreneurs with the skills they need.

Over the Hump

Over The Hump

We interviewed these local small-business owners during tough times. Now, they’re cautiously optimistic.

Vance Opperman

The Prosperity Gospel

Start a church, raise a fortune, dodge the IRS.

Gerardo Ruiz

Looking On The Bright Side

People want solar power. Solarflow Energy wants to help them overcome the barriers to getting it.

Playing The Game

W3i takes its free download model to the mobile gaming world.

Knock’s Opportunity

Product and packaging design? Branding? In-store design? Knock says yes to them all.

Tony Carideo

Let The Next Wheelock Whitney Step Forward

In Norwest Equity Partners’ 50 years, there’s a lesson in risk, reward, and the innovation economy.

Olson’s Summer O-Terns

Olson’s Summer O-Terns Are Just Phoning It In

“Diapers to Daisies”

“Diapers To Daisies”

Too Many Entrepreneurs?

Minnesota's shortage of entrepreneurs-turned-investors is starting to hurt.

Where They’re Biting

Where They’re Biting

Not Just Desserts

A more inventive sweet course at Heidi’s.

Nanotechnology At Your Fingertips

Cima NanoTech plans to be in more touchscreens, flat screens, and even windows.

Selling It-Periscope And The Minnesota Twins

Toepener: A Way To Tiptoe Around Everyone Else’s Bad Hygiene

Twin Cities venues now have the Toepener installed on their restroom doors.

Will Advertisers Play Ball With PickPointz?

Just Add Water

Treat your guests to a day on the lake or an afternoon on the river.

“Don’t Say Underwear, Say Munsingwear. It’s More Refined.”

A new exhibit traces an iconic Minnesota company from Victorian cover-ups to va-va-voom.

The Wallet-less Future

U.S. Bank ventures closer to it with pay-by smartphone technology.

Trophy Rooms

Trophy Rooms

Award-winning local homes with details that are both delightful and practical.

Knock’s Opportunity

Knock’s Opportunity

Product and packaging design? Branding? In-store design? Knock says yes to them all.

2011 TechNO Expo

2011 TechNO Expo

The Twin Cities Business virtual technology trade show.

Mark Sheffert

The Chief “Effective” Officer

Executives should focus on results instead of title.

Lee Schafer

What To Do With $125 Million?

Insignia Systems paid folks who hung around through a decade-long legal battle-particularly its shareholders.

Gene Rebeck

The Little Things

In its new ad campaign, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics pulls back the gauziness.

Real Leadership

Real Leadership

“Action learning” is the hot trend in leadership training. That means your class project might seem strangely familiar.

Downtown Minneapolis

Downtown Minneapolis

When competing with other cities for employers and employees, better retail’s a must.

Four Memorable Events

Gatherings for employees and customers help to deepen relationships and build loyalty.

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