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How Parents Go to Extremes to Support Kids' Hockey in MN

The time and money spent supporting kids’ hockey in Minnesota may seem extreme. But to those with hockey in their blood, it’s never enough.


How Parents Go to Extremes to Support Kids' Hockey in MN—and Why + 2011 Minnesota Family Business Awards

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2011 Minnesota Family Business Awards

2011 Minnesota Family Business Awards

Five stories of entrepreneurial success—family style.

Re-Energizing The Wild

Re-Energizing The Wild

With incredible fanfare, the NHL team debuted in 2000 and made the playoffs three times in its first seven seasons. Then came an ownership change and three years of lackluster performance—a trend that lead investor Craig Leipold is out to reverse beginning with this season.

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Dis-Kinect, Re-Kinect

Microsoft’s gaming technology hands marketers a cool new tool to play with.

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Leaders Remain Upbeat Close To Home; Angst Grows Over Washington, Overall Economy

Industries looking to hire: health care, transportation, wholesale trade, and biotech/med-tech.

People Before Profits

And a salute to family businesses--and family time.

Old School

Old School's New School

Harvey Mackay gets in touch with the social media age.

Vance Opperman

Talking About Jobs

Addressing a prostrate employment market.

Corner Office

Monster In The Closet

Overcoming fear and anxiety to finish the year strong.

Lee Schafer

A Case For A Welsh IPO (Someday)

After trying and giving up in 2010, will the company make another run at going public?

Adding Value

Adding Value, Not An Adversary

How Twin Cities in-house counsel are changing how they are perceived by colleagues and improving the bottom line.

Rural Computer Consultants

Strong Connections

How Rural Computer Consultants in Bird Island won a Small Business Administration award.

Rubin Pens

Next-Gen Pens

Barry Rubin rewrites his business plan for his newer customers.


Art And Design As Branding

Permanent Art and Design Group is developing a creative agency model by tapping the talents of local artists.

Brian Kueppers

Making A Statement

Apex Print Technologies’ electronic billing software is helping health care clients cut costs and increase cash flow.

Leslee Miller

A Superior Sip

A toast to VIP beer and wine tastings.

HP Compaq 6000 Pro

Divine Devices

Discover the newest machines, gadgets, and apps that will enhance your work life.

The Strip Club

Hold The Macaroni

Cheese grabs the limelight at the Strip Club in St. Paul.

household goods

IP Protection: Not Just For Techies

Makers of household goods can use it, too.

Proto Labs

Head Start For Start-Ups

Proto Labs’ Cool Idea program gives new products a leg up.


The Art Of Attraction

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ “Come As You Are” campaign.

Personal brand

Better To Give

The holiday season is coming faster than you think. This year, fully embrace your brand when picking gifts for your employees and colleagues. We’ve chatted with a few local retailers and execs for their best gift giving suggestions, and added a few of our own for good measure.


Kicking Off Its Own Shoes

Design agency Ideas That Kick designed the Juil line—and sells them.

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