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Mayo Clinic's Reformer

CAO Shirley Weis is leading a transformation: “We want to be affordable, relevant, and helpful to people not only when they’re really sick, but when they’re trying to stay healthy.”


Shirley Weis Reforms Mayo Clinic's Business Model During and Era of Health Care Upheaval + 2011 Outstanding Directors

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The Secret Life Of In Touch

The Secret Life Of In Touch

What do your employees really think? And what do they know that could improve your business? In Touch gets an earful when it sets up anonymous employee feedback systems for clients.

2011 Outstanding Directors

2011 Outstanding Directors

Honoring corporate board members Ronald James, Karen Bohn, Robert Lumpkins, Robert Marzec, and Alice Richter.

How Do We Look?

How Do We Look?

What Oklahoma City leaders noticed the most when they visited the Twin Cities this summer.

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Teaching Innovation

Can business leaders learn to foster organizational creativity?


Fast And Fizzy

Joia All Natural premium sodas’ rapid flow from idea to a store, restaurant, and coffeehouse near you.

Citadel Floor

Flooring It

Citadel Floor Finishing Systems is experiencing accelerated growth.


Videoconferencing All-Stars

Local companies using state-of-the-art videoconferencing are saving time and money.

VIP Sports

Go, Team! Touchdown Entertaining

Make an impression with premium sports experiences.


Tilia’s Menu Sleepers

A humbler confit and “faux gras."


Are The Taxes Always Greener?

For companies choosing locations for factories and offices, how big a role do taxes play?

Medical Marvels

The New Medical Marvels

Devices from Minnesota companies that save patients and hospitals money while improving outcomes and recovery times.


Trissential Makes Personality Essential

A approach to business consulting.

Lee Schafer

The Second Time’s The Charm

Why merging with Digi International made sense for machine-to-machine tech entrepreneur Matt Jennings.

All Seasons

For The Birds

All Seasons Wild Bird Store celebrates 20 years—and five locations—under its current ownership.

Percy Harvin

Shock Doctor Scores Vikings' Percy Harvin

Pro athletes wear protective equipment made by Plymouth-based Shock Doctor and advise the company’s product designers.


Still The Cadillac Of Cars?

Fallon’s ads say yes, but go beyond the luxury metaphor.

The CEO Squad On The Stadium Issue

“We’re really about jobs and regionalism; the Vikings happen to be part of it.”


How Caldrea Knows The Consumer Nose

Turning fashion and fertile soil into fragrance.

Todd Leonard

Are Angels The Job Creators We Need?

The new Minnesota Angel Network says it can deliver measurable results.


Writing Your Way In

The Dos and Don’ts of writing an MBA application essay.

editor note

What We Mean By "Pro-Business"

Oddly, the phrase still scares some like a bad Halloween experience.

Vance Opperman

The Last Of The Common-Sense Minnesotans

One of the state’s great lawyers leaves a legacy of moderation and fairness.

Mark Sheffert

Much Ado About Nothing!

Business leaders shouldn’t give significance to insignificant, misleading, or partisan hype.

Outstanding Directors

2011 Outstanding Directors

Honoring Five of Minnesota's Most Valued Corporate Board Members.


The Telecommuting Advantage

A Minnesota program assists employers in clearing the hurdles to telecommuting.

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