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How Will Incoming President Eric Kaler Lead the U of M? + Thriving Through Economic Uncertainty

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Aspiring Edisons

Aspiring Edisons

For more than 50 years, the Minnesota Inventors Congress has lured lone-wolf tinkerers and garage gadgeteers to Redwood Falls. For some, the event has provided a springboard for starting a business. But with attendance shrinking, can it reinvent itself and stay relevant?

Economic Uncertainty Be Damned

Economic Uncertainty Be Damned

Minnesota’s business leaders are tackling their most pressing business challenge head on.

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Can Eric Kaler Retool The Engine?

The new U of M president faces a punishing budget, a legacy of top-down management, intense demands to grow research, and a sports and marketing machine on a Big 10 scale he’s never seen before. What makes him the right catalyst to take the university out of rough idle?


Building A Bridge

An Itasca Project initiative helps small, regional IT companies get large Minnesota firms as clients.


The CIO View

A local CIO gives us a snapshot of his unique IT organization.


Enterprising Apps

Measuring soil density? Checking patient records? Delivering data to the board of directors? There’s an app for that.

Lee Schafer

Perfect Pitch

LarsonAllen to its merger partners: Let’s work together. Really.

Tony Carideo

A Matter Of Appearances

Northern Oil & Gas fuels short sellers’ zeal; what looks bad is bad for shareholders.

Community Investment

Community Investment

A Northfield investment and management firm enters a new field: saving historic, smaller-city hotels and inns.

Ron Weber

Pushing The Envelope is taking the low-cost route to fast growth.

Call Centers

Call Centers 2.0

The “new Avtex” is positioning itself as a provider of unified, multi-channel customer interaction technology.

Wiley Wallaby's

Wiley Wallaby's Punch Lines

A brand of premium licorice hopes to hit it out of the park with its Minnesota Twins–based ad campaign.

Money trail

When The Buyer Comes Calling

Amcom did so well, it’s now driving growth within a publicly traded business.


A Sporting Tradition

Cultivate the art of gamesmanship with a day at a hunting preserve.

Bayport BBQ


Chris Johnson brings Texas barbecue to the St. Croix.


Give A Little, Campbell Mithun Says In Its United Way Campaign

CyberSpace For Your Stuff: Storage Units Go Digital

CyberSpace picks up, inventories and photographs, and makes accessible via Internet every item you choose to store in its Minneapolis warehouse.


SheerWind’s New Spin On Clean Energy

SheerWind, based in Chaska, is developing the Invelox wind-energy system.

Keep Your Job And Your Integrity

Nan DeMars' new book, You’ve Got to Be Kidding!: How to Keep Your Job Without Losing Your Integrity, is a new release from Wiley this summer.


A Casting Call For DIYers

Magnetic Productions’ search for the not-too-proud and the brave.

Personal brand

British Invasion

This season, the runways were stocked with rich textures, luxe leathers, and tweeds distinguished enough for royalty. No matter what your professional arena may be, you can interpret the trend in the way that suits you.

Electric Vehicles

Plugged In To Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles on the rise.


Get Your Mojo Organized

Social enterprise is good, but how to put corporate structure to it?

Dale Kurschner

Enough With "Uncertainty"

Minnesota’s strong economic undercurrent may surprise you.

Vance Opperman

Puffed Up

How long can smokers and school kids bail out the state?


Communicating The Benefits

Benefit managers talk shop—what works and what doesn’t—about delivering employee benefits information.


The State Of Taxes

Are Minnesota's tax peculiarities driving people away?

Space and Time

Adventures In Space And Time

Three remodeling projects celebrate the clean lines of old buildings.

Mark Sheffert

Life After The Corner Office

The job is part of the journey, not the end game.

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