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Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire: Dugout Confidential

From Manager of the Year to the season from hell, Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire speaks out on a decade of leadership, the Twins Way, and life inside the 162-game pressure cooker.


Ron Gardenhire Speaks Out on Leadership, the Twins' Disastrous 2011 Season, and a Strategy to Make Sure 2012 is No Repeat + 2012 Best of Business

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Glass Breakers

Glass Breakers

Women make up half the work force but less than one-fifth of its executives. What’s being done to remove the glass ceiling once and for all.

Best Of Business 2012

Best Of Business 2012

Signs that the local economy is resetting in some creative and profitable ways.

The Twin Cities High-Gear Bicycle Culture

The Twin Cities High-Gear Bicycle Culture

The Twin Cities high-gear bicycle culture has helped inspire a booming number of home-grown frame builders. Are there enough customers to keep them rolling?

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Dale Kurschner

Special Treatment?

Don Smithmier

Learning Social

Sophia wants to tap the teacher in everyone to make students learn better.

Noiseland Industries

Vinyl Decision

With CD sales softening, music production house Noiseland Industries found a surprising new revenue source.

Plugged In

Plugged In-April 2012

The best opportunities for networking this month.

Funny Business

Funny Business

How to enliven your work with humor.

Art Picks-April 2012

Top Tickets-April 2012

Vance Opperman

We’re All Jablonski Now

Catastrophic injury coverage for high school students.

Lee Schafer

A Business Model That Quintuples Your Money?

The Lutonix sale proves there’s still money out there for good med-tech companies.

Nordeast Nectars

Where's The Buzz?

In the heart of Minneapolis, a couple beekeepers are imagining a honey empire, 1960s style.

Mark Sheffert

Culture Eats Strategy...

. . . or feeds it. Getting it right is the key to your company’s success.

Sample Room

Tube Steak Deluxe

Artisanal sausage is having its moment in the Twin Cities.


Telemedicine Reaches Out

Maureen Ideker talks about reaching rural patients with telemedicine, and her hopes for the governor’s new broadband task force.

Sons and Daughters

Sons And Daughters

The thorny process of passing on a family business.


Wheels On Fire

Colle+McVoy targets high-end cyclists from its headquarters in America’s biking colossus.

Iron Beasts

Making An Impression

How local printer Studio on Fire ended up chronicled by a German art-book publisher.


Meatballs, Meet Mr. Sun

Bloomington’s Ikea goes solar this summer.


Kick It In Gear

The latest golf gear will get you ready for the coming season.

Shark Tank

The Sharks Bite!

Losers in the Shark Tank, Sue Kruskopf and Nancy Bush came home to a sea of business.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Making Fans Into Legends

Carmichael Lynch’s plan to amp up the Baseball Hall of Fame’s appeal is fan-centric to the extreme.


An Easter Egg A Bunny Could Love

Eco Eggs may look familiar, but don’t expect them to survive 3,000 years in a landfill.


Hotel Today, Gone Tomorrow

Graves Hospitality prepares to cut ties to a NYC hotel it just opened.

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