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Bill Cigliano

The Fight For Fun

The battle for Minnesotans' summer vacation dollars.


How Three States Are Battling for Minnesota Vacationers + What Makes Hot Mama Hot?

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A Fresh Angle On Social-Services Funding

A Fresh Angle On Social-Services Funding

Could human capital performance bonds be the future of social-services funding?

Minnesotans Cash In On “Truck Farming”

Minnesotans Cash In On “Truck Farming”

Increased demand for locally grown produce is feeding a budding industry of growers attempting to nurture hobbies or family traditions into a viable revenue stream.

Hot Mama, Hot Concept

Hot Mama, Hot Concept

Megan Tamte went from post-partum retail frustration to 30 stores in 11 states in less than a decade—one hot mom at a time.

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Proof scotch sampling app

Social Drinking In HTML5

A locally built app turns scotch sampling into a shared gaming experience.

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Skylark Opera

Art Picks: June 2012

"Rembrant in America" and Skylark Opera Summer Festival

Mono Produces In Stereo

This 60-person, independently owned agency won the 2011 O’Toole Award for creative excellence.

Beer With A Truly Homegrown Flavor

Brau Brothers is experimenting with removing malt from beer and adding Minnesota-grown grain instead.

The Event Environment

Inspire your meeting attendees with nature at these six stunning Minnesota venues.

Morsekode's Founder Mark Morse

See And Be Heard

Adjusting to an ever-changing marketing world, fast-growing Morsekode builds its own audio and video production facility.

Riding The Bike Boom

Two lean bike-products manufacturers, Banjo Brothers and Rain Shield, think locally and grow globally.

Relationship Banking, tcb June 2012

Relationship Banking

Ten ways to tap into your bankers' expertise, gain their trust, and prevent unpleasant surprises.

Larry Miller, senior vice president of human resources for Starkey Hearing Technologies

Reaching An Understanding

What employees don’t understand about their health plans and what to do about it.

At Last, A True Public-Private Partnership

If a new Vikings stadium gets built, that partnership will be a big reason why.

Free The Sun!

A state law that helped Minnesota get a jump-start on renewable energy is now restricting its development.

Smack Shack’s Josh Thoma

Test Driving A Restaurant

Smack Shack and Turkey to Go have turned the food truck concept on its head.

Arts Picks: June 2012

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Vacation Time!

Another reason to live here: proximity to so many great places to enjoy.

Butcher and the Boar

Butcher And The Boar

Meat meets its maker, to delicious effect.

A $1,500 Baseball

Media Mashup

The Music Of Their Life

Mashup targets music lovers interested in displaying a "life soundtrack."

Spire Federal Credit Union found an innovative way of getting people to its annual meeting.

Free Money As Marketing

Spire Federal Credit Union found an innovative way of getting people to its annual meeting.

Louise Erdrich, among the stacks at her Birchbark Books in Minneapolis.

Hard Times For Hardcovers

Kenwood digs deep to keep Louise Erdrich’s bookstore open.

Plugged In: June 2012

The best opportunities for networking this month.

Supervalu Michael Jordon ad

Supervalu Slam Dunks Jordan

The basketball legend can’t get paid when businesses congratulate him publicly.

high-speed train concept

Next Stop, Rochester

Will the Twin Cities–Rochester biomedical corridor one day host the fastest train in the Midwest?

Into The Wild

Round up your favorite anglers and head to the land of sky-blue waters for a few days of shore lunches and solitude.

NFL Saves American Capitalism!

"Maximizing shareholder value" is a losing strategy. Companies should take a page, or several, from pro football's playbook.

The Profit Addiction

Short-termitis is destroying American business.

2012 ISES Minnesota Star Awards

The Minneapolis–St. Paul chapter of the International Special Events Society has named its 2012 winning events.

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