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Photography by Travis Anderson

Engineer and Emprimus founder George Anderson.

Can Emprimus Save Civilization?

A local company with technology to protect the power grid from doomsday scenarios may be gaining traction in the market. But without sales or real-world evidence of risk, will Emprimus be taken seriously?


A local company with technology to protect the power grid from doomsday scenarios may be gaining traction + 2012 Minnesota Family Business Awards

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2012 Minnesota Family Business Awards

2012 Minnesota Family Business Awards

Five stories of entrepreneurial success—family style.

The Twin Cities' Date With Population Density

The Twin Cities' Date With Population Density

Minneapolis and St. Paul are trying to grow population after 60 years of decline. But can they eliminate the red tape that has residential developers wary of doing business there?

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Portland public transit

An Evolved Transit City: Portland’s Lesson For Minneapolis

Portland’s public policies of the past have created a more connected and transit-possible city than Minneapolis.

Daniel Goldman

MN Attorneys: What’s Your Policy On Social Media?

Minnesota attorneys discuss creating relevant guidance for online work life.

employees saluting boss

Selling It: Medica Care

Can a campaign that shows employees thanking bosses for their insurance plan be believed?


Tom Barnard’s Exit Strategy

The legendary radio personality starts a podcast—a business venture he contends is designed to pave his path out of radio.

Bibelot and Patina

Bibelot And Patina: The Tchotchke Twins

Bibelot and Patina are the fraternal twins of local gift boutiques.

RoadTab website

RoadTab Automates Car Repairs

Are car repairs the next old-school business waiting to be revolutionized by the Internet?

Birdhouse restaurant

Dining Review: Birdhouse

The new casual restaurant from Stewart and Heidi Woodman walks the walk about eating differently.

Number Crunch: Venomous Freight

Do local couriers transport venomous animals?

Allan Charney

Fitness Centers Offer New Ways To Work It Out

Fitness-center startups see opportunity for new concepts.

Mark Sheffert

A Higher Allegiance

Whether we vote red or blue, we are all Americans.

Macy's Oval Room Blues

Macy’s whittles stock and buyers in Minneapolis.

tom wiese, nate garvis

Studio/E And The Meeting Of Many Minds

Studio/E helps professionals think afresh in a time when the old approaches to success don’t work as well as they used to.

macbook air

The Best New Tech Devices On The Market

We dug through the product reviews and spec sheets to bring you a collection of the best new tech devices on the market.

sarah lutman

A See-Through Strategy

Foundations are joining the transparency movement to better serve their “customers.”

segway tour

The Concierge Knows Best

Five local hotel concierges answer the most frequently asked questions from business travelers.

Woodwinds Health Campus

Consumer Reports Hits MN Hospitals Over Safety

Most local systems applaud the recent rankings, although each is quick to identify shortcomings.

Business Optimism Holds Steady

Minnesota executives proceed cautiously, awaiting the election outcome and a fiscal crisis solution.

vance opperman

Thoughts Between Political Ads

Focus on promising local businesses and entrepreneurs, rather than haranguing politicians.

Dale Kurschner

Hope And Fear

Marvin Windows and Doors hearkens back to a warmer past; Emprimus anticipates a fiery future.

tekne awards

Plugged In: November 2012

The best opportunities for networking this month.

cindy sherman

Arts Picks: Cindy Sherman

Sherman is one of the most enigmatic and important artists of our time.

anna bolena

Arts Picks: Anna Bolena

Minnesota Opera has already staged two of the Donizetti “Tudor Trilogy”: Roberto Devereux and Maria Stuarda. But Anna Bolena, about the second wife of Henry VIII, beats them all.

the who

Top Tickets: The Who’s “Quadrophenia And More”

As if boomers don’t have enough to do in November, The Who are on tour performing their epic 1973 double-album, Quadrophenia, in its entirety, plus a few of their greatest hits.

jackson brown

Top Tickets: Jackson Browne

The legendary singer-songwriter brings his 2012 U.S. Acoustic Tour to Minneapolis just before Halloween.

Monica Nassif

Monica Nassif Proves There's No Lounging For The Driven

Monica Nassif’s search for comfortable yet beautiful sleepwear led her right back to business.

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