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Will Railroad, Gov’t Dispute Derail Southwest LRT?

The Twin Cities & Western Railroad and public officials are engaged in a stare-down that calls into question the future of the area’s biggest transit project, the Southwest Corridor light-rail line.


Dispute Puts Major Transit Project In Jeopardy + Minnesota’s Independent Doctors + Women in Leadership: The Power of Sisterhood

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MN's Women Executives Are In Good Company

MN's Women Executives Are In Good Company

At a time when talented women executives can choose where they want to work, sisterhood is powerful.

MN's Independent Doctors Are In Critical Condition

MN's Independent Doctors Are In Critical Condition

Why are the practices that offer the most personal care finding it so hard to compete?

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Videoconferencing Untethered

It’s getting easier to bring your own device to business conferencing.

Mark Sheffert

The Seven Habits Of Highly Mediocre People

Why accountability counts.

Food truck

Is There Proof Food Trucks Are Hurting Skyway Restaurants?

We asked to see the numbers.


General Blood Aims To Standardize Pricing In The Blood Business

The company also looks to even out distribution.


Cutting-Edge Communications In Business Telecom

What’s new in business telecom? A better question would be, what isn’t?

Sarah Lutman

New Leadership At The Bush Foundation

Jennifer Ford Reedy on the role of government, the utility of metrics, and the value of optimism.

Union Depot

Union Depot's Open, But Trains Remain A Long Way Off

According to the building’s owner, the complexity of connecting the depot’s tracks to the freight railroads that surround the complex accounts for the delay.

Jet Edge

Jet Edge’s Water Jets Cut Melons, Metal, And More

Jet Edge builds machines that shoot thin, computer-guided water jets that move about 6,000 miles an hour.

Dale Kurschner

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You: Education Reform

Parents are being encouraged to push for better outcomes.

Golden Valley Golf and Country Club

9 Tips "Fore" Better Golf

Try a new tack to get your game on track this spring.

Schell's beer

Schell’s Beer: Craft, Or Crafty?

Schell’s, Minnesota’s oldest beer maker, fights for the right to be called “craft” beer.

Medifast commercial

Ad Agency Solve Reinvents The Weight Loss Ad

Commercials feature three real-life “before” people talking to their “after.”

Gene Rebeck

More Than Ore

Not just an engine of Midwestern heavy manufacturing, the Duluth-Superior port is a gateway to global markets.


Hustler Hollywood Has No Staying Power

Barely a year after inflaming much of Lowry Hill, Hustler Hollywood fizzles.

Dollar sign

The Long Hours Of The Law

Annual billable hours at local law firms.

Retirement planning

Preparing For Retirement, Decade By Decade

Making age-appropriate arrangements.

Dean Johnson

TV Show Hometime Reaches 700 Episodes

700 episodes and still renovating for television.

Union restaurant

Dining Review: Union

A stunning next act from the folks who brought you Crave.

Boxing gloves

Competitive Edge: Arhaus Moves Into Gabberts’ Home Turf

In the Galleria, a furniture row.

Mom’s Landscaping & Design

Tips For The Best Backyard Entertaining

Why settle for dinner at a five-star restaurant when you can impress your clients and other VIP guests with an evening under the stars in your own backyard?

John Noseworthy

John Noseworthy On The Mayo Plan

Low Risk, High Reward for Minnesota

Page Education Gala

The Best Opportunities For Networking In April

The best opportunities for networking this month.

Vance Opperman

Armed Monsters In Minnesota

Monitoring gun sales is a common-sense step that won’t curtail liberty.

Top Tickets: MSP International Film Festival

At St. Anthony Main Theatres

Arts Picks: In The Time Of The Butterflies

At Mixed Blood Theatre

Arts Picks: Khmer Arts Ensemble

At the State Theatre

Top Tickets: Alice In Wonderland

At Children’s Theatre Company

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