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Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern: The Business Behind Bizarre

How Andrew Zimmern is morphing a hit cable TV show into a diversified, branded network of businesses.


Andrew Zimmern, Incorporated + Shea: The Restaurant Gurus + A Sweet Spot for Candy Makers

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Minnesota Is A Sweet Spot For Candy Makers

Minnesota Is A Sweet Spot For Candy Makers

The birthplace of the Milky Way, Minnesota has a rich history in the candy business. Now even some old favorites are getting a fresh look.

Shea: The Restaurant Gurus

Shea: The Restaurant Gurus

Shea has figured out what it takes to succeed in perhaps the toughest business out there—restaurants.

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Scott Burns

GovDelivery In St. Paul Is Delivering Growth

GovDelivery has found a niche helping its public sector clients connect with their "customers."


Miinome Wants To Help You Market Your DNA

Designs on your genes.

Jim Pagliarini

TPT Evolves To Be A Broader Media Company

TPT tunes into the evolution in media with a $30 million fundraising campaign.

Bloomington investment firm Cornerstone Capital Management has sold its 60-client wealth management business: (Biz Journal):

Stuffie: A Holiday Hit

Minnetonka’s own Stuffie was one of the hits of the holidays.


Dining Review: Nightingale

A casual small-plates spot for diners who like to eat late.

Gene Rebeck

Duluth’s Bridge To What’s Next

Four stories of Duluth businesses show how Duluth has scraped off the rust of recession.

Vance Opperman

Decade Of Discovery In Minnesota

The state is poised to become the place where diabetes is cured.

Tom Kamp and Andy Wyatt

Cornerstone Capital Mgmt.’s Capital Dreams

Cornerstone Capital Management’s Andy Wyatt bet that a ‘dream team’ of money managers could get Wall Street’s attention. It just took a little longer than expected.

Big Data

The Many Uses Of Big Data

The deluge of digital information is being mined to predict which cereal the public will buy, where crime will occur, and how to run for president.

Randy Witt

RTI's Randy Witt Helps Restaurants Through Online Portals

Randy Witt helps restaurant managers keep an eye on the fryers in their kitchens, with online information portals.


The Big Rigs: Minnesota's 15 Largest Trucking Companies

The 15 largest trucking companies in Minnesota.

JOBS act

Financing’s New Rules Under The JOBS Act

SEC rulemaking is needed before last year’s JOBS Act can be fully implemented. Once it is, who will use this new route to capital?

Tires and golf balls

Northern Tool And Sportsman's Guide: Merging In Manly Markets

Two Twin Cities retailers led by longtime friends join forces to form a $1.3 billion business.

Dale Kurschner

Greater MSP: What About The Partners?

Greater MSP needs to clarify its results.


Blooma, Which Supports New And Expectant Mothers, Is Growing

Blooma gives birth to new locations.

The Twin Cities Offers Executive Matchmaking Services

If you’re finding that a busy professional life leaves little time to develop a successful personal life, these local Twin Cities executive matchmaking services can help you accomplish your strategic romantic objectives.

Piggy Bank

Are Federal Regulations Crushing Community Banks?

It's a small-bank squeeze.

Number Crunch: Parking Blues

A recent Colliers International study found Minneapolis is among the North American cities with the highest parking rates.

Bill Arnold

Where Are They Now? A Look At Bill Arnold

Bill Arnold was featured in the October 1993 issue of Twin Cities Business. Where is he now?

Competitive Edge: Chocolat Céleste And Just Truffles

Chocolat Céleste and Just Truffles fight it out in the chocolate marketplace.

Mark Scheffert

What’s In It For Me?

Selfish attitudes prevent team success.

Prairie Home Companion

Several Tips For Surviving February

February can be a challenging time to entice out-of-town clients to take a meeting in the Twin Cities. For those hardy individuals who are willing to brave the wind chill, here are some ways to reward them for their efforts.

No Pickles, No Water

A local audio branding agency creates a soundtrack to highlight a global crisis.

Top Tickets: The Book Of Mormon

The most talked-about hit Broadway has produced since The Lion King—but for very different reasons.

Arts Picks: The Seven

A hip-hop version of Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes.

Top Tickets: Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga calls her show an “electro-metal pop opera.”

Arts Picks: Painter Painter

Featuring the work of 15 painters from the United States and Europe.


Economic Optimism Wanes

Minnesota business leaders plan to scale back this quarter due to politics and taxes, among other factors.

Sarah Lutman

Death With Dignity

Just like businesses, nonprofits need to know when it’s time to fold.

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