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2013 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame

Honoring five lifetimes of achievement.


2013 Minnesota Business Hall of Fame + Keeping Up With the Druskins + Could a Lakeside Hotel Destroy Excelsior + A Local Wine Industry Takes Root

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Keeping Up With The Druskins

Keeping Up With The Druskins

Michael Druskin’s appetite for growth has turned one Len Druskin store into seven different fashion brands. Will the formula work when he takes the show on the road?

Will A Hotel Boost Excelsior's Tourism?

Will A Hotel Boost Excelsior's Tourism?

Some say a planned hotel could plug the city’s revenue shortfalls; others say it could destroy the face of a city that prides itself on its historic character.

A Serious Local Wine Industry Is Taking Root

A Serious Local Wine Industry Is Taking Root

Is the region content to be a niche player, or is it gearing up to be Napa Lite?

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Number Crunch

Top Corporate Sponsors For MN Chambers

The companies behind the chambers.

Closed Doors

When Caribou Shutters Stores, Who Pays The Rent?

When Caribou Coffee abandons dozens of leased spaces, who’s left holding the bag?

Valleyfair Dad

Valleyfair Reaches Out To Dads

A new spot shows that fathers aren’t always Jurassically uncool.

Mairs and Powers

Mairs & Power’s Fund Proves Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

The Mairs & Power Small Cap Fund was king of its category last year.

Mark Sheffert

Lessons From My Night With The Cops

What business leaders can learn from law enforcement.

LRT Limps Along

LRT Limps Along, Roads/Transit Strike Out

Update: The 2013 Minnesota Legislature came up nearly empty on infrastructure funding.

Kowalski's Market

A Hunger For Evolution Keeps Kowalski’s Markets Cooking

Different is better.

Ludlow’s Island Resort

MN Resorts Compete By Sharing Secrets

A group of small Minnesota resorts takes an unorthodox approach to competition.

Sarah Lutman

Is the Nonprofit Sector Right For You?

Here are a few things to ponder for those interested in leaving the for-profit world.

Bob MacDonald

Where Are They Now? Bob MacDonald

Pioneering insurance exec may be retired, but he’s still looking to the future.

Gene Rebeck

Oil Battle Royal

Northern Minnesota is a main highway for transporting crude oil. Does the state benefit?

Dale Kurschner

Successful: Time To Move?

Minnesota’s "anti-rich" attitude may finally push out those we need to keep most.

Roshini Rajkumar

How To Make A Great And Lasting Impression

If powerful communication and lasting impressions are your goal, a good method is to focus on two distinct areas: a signature item and a signature action.

Burch still life: steak, béarnaise, pickled mushrooms

Isaac Becker, The Baron Of Beef

Isaac Becker reinvents the steakhouse at Franklin and Hennepin.


Mad Men Flies Northwest

In ’68 the skirts were short, the drinks were stiff . . . and airports were the place to do business?

Vance K. Opperman

So You Want To Be On A Public Board

What to expect when you’re directing.

Bernhard Langer

Plugged In: July-August 2013

The best opportunities for networking this month.

If Asked To Serve As Trustee For Someone’s Estate, Think Hard

The position of trustee carries a serious fiduciary obligation.

Frencesco Clemente

Arts Picks: “It’s New/It’s Now: Recent Gifts of Contemporary Prints and Drawings”

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts adds to its contemporary arts cred with an exhibit of 80 works by several of the genre’s most celebrated names, including Chuck Close, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol.

Vincent Kartheiser

Arts Picks: Pride and Prejudice

Joe Dowling directs the Guthrie’s stage adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel.

Kenny Chesney

Top Tickets: No Shoes Nation, The Kenny Chesney Tour

The Twins may not be able to win at Target Field, but country chill-master Kenny Chesney has figured out the secret: Play music, not baseball.

Bob Dylan

Top Tickets: Americanarama

The outdoor concert of the year features a weird-dream lineup of roots-rock royalty that spans several generations.

Trapper's Landing Lodge in Walker

Give Your Clients An Up North Executive Getaway

This summer, offer your clients a change of perspective.

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