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What Do 10,000 Festivals Add To The MN Economy?

What is it about Minnesota and festivals? And what economic impact do they have?


Tales from the Land of 10,000 Festivals + A Day in the Life of a Lobbyist + The Telemedicine Tourniquet

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A Day In The Life Of A Lobbyist

A Day In The Life Of A Lobbyist

For Cristine Almeida, life during the legislative session is all meetings, monitoring, and getting the best deal for her clients.

The Telemedicine Tourniquet

The Telemedicine Tourniquet

How virtual care could make you—and the health care system—well.

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Smack Shack

Dining Review: Smack Shack 2.0

From food truck to multimillion-dollar edifice, Smack Shack 2.0 is here. Does it live up to the hype?

Prince Wallace

Meet Prince Wallace, The Company Collector

Independent Packing Services, Inc., in Crystal, focuses on offering customers peace of mind.

Mark Sheffert

Creating Buoyant Organizations

Lessons from lifeguards on knowing risks before jumping in.

Steele Smiley

Steele Fitness Keeps Finding New Ways to Grow

Steele Smiley hopes his new deal with Under Armour will help Steele Fitness go national.

MEI Elevator

Minnesota Elevator Makes A Big Lift At Barclays Center

The Mankato company designed and built two massive lifts for the Barclays Center.

Extravagant Events

2013 ISES Minnesota Star Awards

The Minneapolis–St. Paul chapter of the International Special Events Society has named its 2013 winning events.

Joe Sample

The Dakota Adapts To A New Economy

Jazz, and then some.


New Caribou Coffee Campaign Focuses On Home Turf

Caribou’s evolving ad campaign reflects the woodsy sensibility that originally set it apart from the urbane style of Starbucks.

Tenessa Gemelke

How to Use Social Media to Knock Your Event Out of the Park

With so many people now using social media, event planners have taken notice.

Public Apology

The Sorry State Of Companies' Public Apologies

An anti-checklist for saying what you need to.

Red cow

This Restaurant Partnership Break-Up Is A Family Affair

Red Cow is the brainchild of Luke Shimp, whose sister and ex-brother-in-law run Blue Plate Restaurant Company.

Sarah Lutman

Orchestras At A Crossroads

Much can be learned from the economics of orchestras—even if you’re not interested in classical music.

Lee Hutton

Sports Attorney Improves Kris Humphries’ Game

Lee Hutton, a former Golden Gopher football letterman, represented Kris Humphries in the player’s divorce proceedings.

Gene Rebeck

In From The Cold

International Falls hopes to diversify its economy by emphasizing the “international.”

Vance Opperman

Commencement Day!

A guide for speakers: Keep it short and sweet.


Brewing By The Numbers

A small group of individuals quenching our growing thirst for craft beer.

Free samples

"Free"-Loading Becomes Litigious

When it comes to taking free samples, at what point have you crossed the line?

Don Shelby

King Brothers And Don Shelby: Tied To A Knot

Two brothers launch a clothing company to capitalize on Don Shelby’s sartorial style.

Andy Wells

Entrepreneur Andy Wells' Native Talent

Andy Wells has a foot in two worlds.

Dale Kurschner

Slippery Slope

Social media and commentating is fun, but what we really need is more objective journalism.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Plugged In: June 2013

The best opportunities for networking this month.

6 Ways to Attract Financing

Six Ways To Attract Financing

Whether it’s bank loans or equity financing you’re after, pay attention to the fundamentals.


Entertaining This Summer? Take To The Water

A boatload of options for entertaining beyond the dock this summer.

John Puckett

Where Are They Now? Coffee And Punch

The founders of Caribou Coffee have moved on to pizza.

 American Crystal Sugar

Ethics Are In The Eye Of The Beholder

In response to an Editor's Note about American Crystal Sugar.

Jazz festival

Arts Picks: Twin Cities Jazz Festival

At Mears Park in St. Paul.

Clybourne Park

Top Tickets: Clybourne Park

At the Guthrie Theater.

Northern Sparks

Arts Picks: Northern Spark Festival

This year’s festival is taking place in St. Paul’s Lowertown.

Rock the Garden

Top Tickets: Rock The Garden

At the Walker Art Center.

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