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Twin Cities Business’ 20th Anniversary

We review the state of Minnesota business during our 20 years of observation.


Insights from Two Decades of Successes, Failures, and Surprises in Minnesota Business

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Arts Picks: Good People

Bill McGuire

Bill McGuire Buys Up The Neighborhood

The former UHG CEO is a land collector.

The Fashion Mobile

Trucks In St. Paul Sell Fashion, Not Just Lunch

It's a fashion fleet.

Smart Phones

What Did We Do Before Smartphones?

Twin Cities technology consultants look back on 20 years of seismic change.

Sarah Lutman

Philanthropy As Strategic Investment

Beyond the buzzwords, what does it really mean?

Free care

Why Employers Are Investing In Work-Site Health Clinics

For barrier-free care.

Dale Kurschner

Celebrating 20 Years Of The Twin Cities Business Community

Minnesota tops the national charts for voter turnout, most literate cities, and best park systems.

Roshini Rajkumar

Rock Your Cocktail Talk

Though fraught with awkwardness, cocktail gatherings can be great business opportunities.

Flat Earth Brewery hopes to (re)build a brewery here.

Hamm's Complex: Land of Sky-Blue Prospects?

The Hamm’s brewery complex is finally attracting tenants.

Fargo still

The Fall And (Potential) Rise Of The MN Film Industry

A little too quiet on the set?

Vance Opperman

Unreasonable Search

Edward Snowden is not hiding in the basement.

Patent Reform

Patent Reform: File First, Announce Second

The most dramatic change to U.S. patent law by the America Invents Act may not prove the most significant. But it is the one that requires inventors’ attention—starting today.

Shades of Gray

Dining Review: The Gray House

The Gray House offers range and an ambitious menu in a minimalist atmosphere.

U of M Olson

Olson Helps Sell The U Of M In Ad Campaign

Olson is tasked with reminding Minnesota that the U is more than just a cost item on the state budget.

A Weinstein Gallery opening

The Weinstein Gallery’s Minneapolis Advantage

Bringing in clients from the coasts.

Mark Sheffert

Disengaged Employees: The New Normal

Workers who don’t care will eat up your profits.

Gene Rebeck

Forward, Into The Past

Taconite, timber, and tourism remain the Northland’s economic bases. But they need to be alloyed with entrepreneurship.

Curtain Call Ball

Plugged In: September 2013

The best opportunities for networking this month.

At the bar at Borough.

Impress Clients With Dinner In A Happening Twin Cities Neighborhoods

Show clients you're hip without really trying.

Golf Pro

Tom Abts: The Golf Pro’s Pro

A mid-life crisis leads to the national spotlight.


Top Tickets: History Of The Eagles, Live in Concert

September 18 at the Target Center.


Arts Picks: SPCO, Beethoven’s “Heroic” Period

September 6 through 29 at the Ordway.

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