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Minnesota's 50 Fantastic Firsts

We challenge any other state to come up with a list of extraordinary innovations as impressive as Minnesota’s.


The 50 Innovations Minnesota Gave The World + The Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives Effect + Keeping The Workplace Safe Through Screening

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The Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives Effect

The Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives Effect

When the popular TV show comes calling, hang on, because your business will never be the same again.

Fit For Work?

Fit For Work?

PsyBar is working to revolutionize employee assessment and keep peril out of the workplace.

Steel Prairie

Steel Prairie

Northwestern Minnesota’s manufacturing strength builds on the region's agriculture base.

Let The Soccer Balls Fly!

Let The Soccer Balls Fly!

The soccer stadium proposal is a great bargain, and the city would be foolish to let this opportunity go by.

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How To Have A Profitable Food Truck

Catering provides year-round income for these restaurants on wheels.

Will The Saints Get A Windfall From CHS Field?

The new ballpark by the numbers.

Tough Jobs: Sewer Maintenance Engineer

You thought your job was hard? Imagine having this one.

Who Gets A Stop When Viking River Cruises Hits The Mississippi?

Viking River Cruises wants to run the Mississippi, and local towns are lining for a piece of the action.

The New Economics Of Renewable Energy

Costs of wind and solar energy have dropped, making renewable energy a viable option for many businesses.

Business In The Sunshine

Outdoor events build relationships among colleagues, business clients and conference attendees.

Eden Prairie Goes Hollywood

EVINE Live combines celebrities with iconic brands to hawk products.

Exercise With A Roller Coaster Thrill

The inventor of Rollerblade introduces a new way to get moving.

Finding Future Firsts

Minnesota’s heritage is rich in major innovations. Will that legacy continue?

What's Up, Doc?

Employers must not shrink from asking if their costs will rise after merger deals are done.

Centennials Abound

The Minneapolis Foundation is just one of Minnesota’s prominent nonprofits turning 100 this year.

Stupidity Is Clear, Genius Is Not

Some advice for minimizing your instances of stupidity.

Ban The Buzzwords

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than what everyone else is saying.


Phone Call Etiquette

Voicemail and phone behavior can be crucial to maintaining your personal brand.

Top Tickets: Rock The Garden

Art Picks: Mark Mothersbaugh - Myopia

Art Picks: You Can't Take It With You

Plugged In: June 2015

The best opportunities for networking.

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