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Who Is Ned Abdul?

And how did he buy one of the best redevelopment spots in town?


Ned Abdul: Powerful Twin Cities Developer In The Shadows + 5 Accomplished Businesswomen + Where Will Cook County House New Residents? + Luxury Airport Clubs Come To MSP

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Women's Leadership Awards

Women's Leadership Awards

Five accomplished women serve as role models in how they lead their companies and serve their communities.

Populating Cook County

Populating Cook County

The region’s leaders want to attract entrepreneurs and young people. But some big challenges—including housing—remain.

The Airport Club Trend Arrives At MSP

The Airport Club Trend Arrives At MSP

They're a hot growth business and business travelers in the Twin Cities are getting their first taste of the competition.

Survey: Economic Pessimism Persists

Survey: Economic Pessimism Persists

Minnesota’s business leaders plan to scale back growth yet again this quarter.

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2016 Women's Leadership Awards Event Photos

A slideshow of images taken during TCB's 2016 Women's Leadership Awards celebration, held at the Golden Valley Golf and Country Club.


The Business Of Goat Lawncare

A gruff business that's chewing its own path to success.

How Lawmakers Want To Spend Minnesota's Surplus

What does the 2016 legislative session portend for Minnesota businesses?

Who Will Sustain MOA's Expansion?

The mall is placing more and more of its bets on out-of-region visitors.


A Tale Of Two Gas Stations

Independence fuels profitability.


What Is Sssdude-Nutz?

A quirky doughnut shop employs eccentricity for the win.


Data-Driven Marketing Helps Businesses Sell

Marketing automation helps businesses get closer to their customers.


Insurance For Startups

Small businesses have many of the same insurance needs as large companies, and there are resources to help entrepreneurs understand insurance categories.


Local Lenders Are Banking On A Durable Economy

Local lenders offer an optimistic outlook for 2016.

Fridge Magnet

Reviving The Fridge Magnet

How Magnetic Poetry beat back a rogue Amazon-based challenge to its business.

Editor's Note

Beets Can Be Beat

The sugar industry needs to wean itself from federal support before Congress does.

Performing Philanthropy

Is Mark Zuckerberg's Charitable Giving A Game Changer?

What are the ripple effects from Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s charitable giving?


Promoting Wellness With Weight-Management Benefits

Employers should put their money where their mouth is.

Marketing Mash-Up

Big Data, Big Decisions

Big data is marketing’s next holy grail.

Open Letter

One Person, 40 Votes

To the average Minnesota voter

Corner Office

Why Should Anyone Want To Follow Your Leadership?

Identifying the six most important characteristics of a leader.


How To Make People Love Your Brand

Little things matter in how the world perceives you.

A Night Of Theater

These five performances are sure to impress your out-of-town clients.


Out Of Office: February 2016

TCB's top entertainment and art picks for February.

Plugged In: February 2016

The best opportunities for networking.

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