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Peter Erickson, the company’s executive vice president of innovation

General Mills' Diet

How one of the nation’s largest producers of processed, carb-laden food is working to sustain its core products, while attracting those who want change.


Why General Mills Is Optimistic About Processed Foods + Attracting Business To Minneapolis' Northside + Select Comfort's Tech Isn't Wooing Wall Street...Yet + 5 Fast-Growing Companies To Follow

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Spurned Turf: Why Minneapolis' Northside Lacks Jobs

Spurned Turf: Why Minneapolis' Northside Lacks Jobs

Few businesses are located in the city's poorest quadrant. Can anyone change that?

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant

Select Comfort’s big bet on technology is paying off, so why isn’t Wall Street convinced yet?

Sisu Helps Rural Hospitals Endure

Sisu Helps Rural Hospitals Endure

A Duluth-based IT firm reinvented itself to provide critical access solutions.

Two Futures, One Community

Two Futures, One Community

Times are changing. Can we do the same?

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Photos from TCB's 2016 Middle Market Forum

A slideshow of images taken during the Twin Cities Business 2016 Middle Market Forum held at the Golden Valley Golf and Country Club in March 2016.


The NorShor Theatre Is Ready For Its Makeover

Long-awaited renovation likely to begin soon on centerpiece of Duluth’s arts district.

Run From DMC?

Can a shadowy group throw a wrench into Rochester’s $6 billion plan?


How Fan HQ Built Its Brand

The sports apparel and memorabilia store builds buzz by getting players to show up.

Minnesota Sports Move Away From Paper Tickets

The Timberwolves are the first local pro franchise to eliminate the paper ticket.

Minnesota Winery Finds Niche In Entertainment Industry

Four Daughters was featured at Sundance.

What's The Secret To Fast Growth?

Five companies to follow.

Plugged In: March 2016

The best opportunities for networking this month.


Out Of Office: March 2016

The entertainment picks for your out of office time in March.


Breaking Bread And Making A Deal

Consider these "power scenes" the next time you're with clients.


The Art Of Saying No

Communicating the negative successfully is key in sustaining your brand.

Performing Philanthropy

Association Builds Wealth Among Hmong

Nonprofit helps Hmong farmers grow their business, along with their crops.


Buzzwords Then, Buzzkill Now

Karwoski’s essential guide to marketing terms to avoid in 2016.

Open Letter

A Tax Reversion Proposal

to: Sen. Orrin Hatch, Chairman Rep. Kevin Brady, Vice Chairman Joint Committee on Taxation United States Capitol Washington, D.C.

Corner Office

Gutsy Board Governance

It’s time for more backbone in the boardroom.

2016 Resource Guide For Special Events

In a strong hospitality market, Minneapolis reaches all-time highs for hotel occupancy.

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