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Breaking Bread And Making A Deal

Consider these "power scenes" the next time you're with clients.

by Melinda Nelson


Star treatment for VIP clients and guests.


Change Of Scenery

When April showers dampen the landscape, take cover at one of the Twin Cities’ many fine museums.


The Taste Of Power

From nitro-charged coffee meetings to fashionable French feasts, here’s where to plug into the Twin Cities power crowd.


The Quintessence Of Winter

Introduce your out-of-town clients to the unique pleasures of a Minnesota winter.

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Personal Brand


Negotiating The Salary You Deserve

How to get what you’re worth in job negotiations.

Personal Brand

Prioritize For Success

Some tips for managing those annual forays into strategy and vision.

Personal Brand

The Perception Gap

Is who you really are coming across, or is it someone you don’t intend to project?

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Plugged In

The best opportunities for networking this month.

Plugged In

Plugged In: April 2017

The best opportunities for networking this month.

Plugged In

Plugged In: March 2017

The top networking opportunities in March.

Plugged In

Plugged In: February 2017

The best opportunities for networking this month.

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Off the Clock

Book Review: “The Schmuck In My Office: How To Deal Effectively With Difficult People At Work”

This book is not a psychiatry manual and you shouldn’t make armchair diagnoses, but understand that there are several basic kinds of office schmucks you might encounter in your work life.


Out Of Office: April 2017

The entertainment picks for your out of office time in April.

Book Review: “Who Thought This Was a Good Idea?”

This is an easy-to-enjoy book that makes readers feel more in-the-know, especially if you’re curious, business-minded, or love politics.

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