Quarterly Economic Indicator


Minnesota Businesses Ramp Up Investment Plans

Leaders are extremely optimistic about national and global economies in 2017 and plan to increase hiring, R&D and capital expenditures.


Economic Optimism's Tepid Return

Business leaders are less negative than they have been in recent quarters, but spending is expected to remain flat through the rest of the year.


Minnesota Businesses Prepare To Batten Down The Hatches

After cutting back on R&D and capital expenditures in recent quarters, Minnesota businesses are bracing for reductions in overall production, revenue and operating profits.


Is Minnesota Headed For An Economic Downturn?

Minnesota’s business leaders plan to scale back growth for the third consecutive quarter.


Survey: Economic Pessimism Persists

Minnesota’s business leaders plan to scale back growth yet again this quarter.


Survey: Worsening Business Conditions Ahead

TCB's Quarterly Economic Indicators survey

Survey: Economic Dog Days Ensue

Business leaders anticipate weakening business conditions, but higher profit margins, in the months ahead.

Survey: Is The Economy Slowing?

Corporate growth is, compared with last quarter. But business leaders are still spending and hiring at nearly the highest levels in four years.

MN Economic Outlook Survey: Optimism Abounds

Minnesota’s business leaders plan to hire and spend more this quarter than they have in years, but more plan to expand elsewhere as talent runs short and taxes remain a concern.

Survey: Will Minnesota's Economy Cool This Winter?

Revenue and hiring remain strong among businesses statewide, but finding talent’s harder than ever, while productivity is slipping, and research and development is flat-lining.

Survey: MN Businesses Are Hiring, But Where Will They Find Employees?

Results from the latest Quarterly Economic Indicator survey show companies are growing, but it’s gotten even harder to find good talent.

Economic Spring

Survey Finds MN Businesses Are Ramping Up Production

They're also briskly investing in their infrastructure and talent.

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MN Business Leaders Optimistic About 2014

Hiring, capital expenditures, R&D spending to increase–but so might prices.

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Optimism Begins To Look Elsewhere

Businesses continue to invest and grow, despite the government.

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Where’s The Growth Among MN Employers?

In the latest quarterly economic indicator survey, Minnesota business leaders express caution heading into the third quarter.

Business Optimism Increasing In Minnesota

But corporate growth may be limited by a growing talent shortage.


Economic Optimism Wanes

Minnesota business leaders plan to scale back this quarter due to politics and taxes, among other factors.

Business Optimism Holds Steady

Minnesota executives proceed cautiously, awaiting the election outcome and a fiscal crisis solution.

Business Optimism Dips

After a strong start to the year, Minnesota executives enter the third quarter cautiously.

Business Optimism Soars

More Minnesota companies plan to hire, increase capital outlays, and invest in research and development.

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Leaders Remain Upbeat Close To Home; Angst Grows Over Washington, Overall Economy

Industries looking to hire: health care, transportation, wholesale trade, and biotech/med-tech.

Leaders Express Confidence In Their Businesses, But Pessimism About The Economy

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