Two Minnesota tech companies, Maxxum Inc. and Trace Technology Management, announced plans to merge on Monday.
Rush City-based Maxxum, which assists clients in the proper disposal of electronics and destruction of data, said it would rebrand Trace’s St. Louis Park headquarters under its name and keep the facility running.
“We’re extremely excited about the acquisition,” said Tom Pritzker, president of Maxxum, in a statement. “Trace provides services and remarkets equipment in a similar manner to Maxxum, so the transition for their clients will be seamless.”
Pritzker added that Trace’s specialty in servicing the education market as an attractive feature to the deal. Details of the transaction, however, were not provided.
“Maxxum’s hallmark is our deep, enduring client relationships and we look forward to extending and building on those relationships with Trace Technology Management’s client base,” said Maxxum CEO Rich Woodward in a statement. “We’ll provide a total continuity of service to those cliens and look forward to offering them all of Maxxum’s capabilities.”

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