Explanation of Benefits


Avoiding A Relapse From A High Medical Bill

As provider networks narrow and deductibles rise, responsible employers should educate workers on the high cost of going out-of-network for care.

by David Burda

Care To Share—Again

Minnesota doctors are more likely to share patient health information, but employers should push for more.

Workplace Wellness Made Easy

Skip the biometric screenings and start hiring nicer people if you want a healthier workforce.

Workplace Wellness Is a Work in Progress

Eager to reduce their health care expenses, employers are moving forward with workplace wellness programs amid legal uncertainty.

Six Updates To Open For The Holidays

From skepticism over hospital consolidation to optimism over telemedicine, here’s what’s on the minds of employers as we say goodbye to 2016.

Is Workplace Stress Affecting Your Employees' Health?

Here’s what workers and bosses say, and what employers can do to keep workers healthy and productive.

The Death Of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Is Greatly Exaggerated

Despite dire predictions, businesses continue to step up and provide health benefits to workers.

Finishing Off Leftover Opioid Prescriptions

Employers will feel less pain if they partner with providers on drug take-back programs for workers.

Health Care Collaboration Versus Collusion

Why do employers need to be wary of provider-sponsored health plans?

Releasing The Power Of The Health Care Claim

How unassuming bills can reveal much about what employers are getting for their health care dollars.

Sound Minds Make For Sound Business

Employers must become advocates for routine depression screening of their workers.

High Deductible Plans Come With Long-Term Costs

Employers might want to think twice about high-deductible health plans for their workers.

Where Do Your Insurance Premiums Go?

A look at what those hard-earned dollars are buying.

Promoting Wellness With Weight-Management Benefits

Employers should put their money where their mouth is.

When Biometric Screenings Aren't Enough

EEOC opens the door a little wider to allow genetics-based workplace wellness programs.

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