Companies turning to cloud today have an array of options. The solution that stands out should not only be flexible, easy- to-use and cost-effective. It must also help you meet your business goals.
Choose a provider that keeps it simple from initial migration through maintenance and management. Ask yourself:
  • How easy is ordering and adding new cloud services?
  • Does the provider offer straightforward pay-as-you-use pricing?
  • What security and reliability SLAs does the provider offer?
  • Does the provider’s portfolio extend beyond cloud so that you can streamline integration with your existing infrastructure?
  • Do the services include overall centralized management console that provide simple control to manage and monitor your cloud services?
  • Is there a team available to answer installation, migration and on-going support needs?
Asking the right questions will ensure that the cloud provider’s services align with your organization goals. Look for a provider with clear explanations of the service features and bundles that help you get everything you need in one place.  CenturyLink can help make the cloud work for you.

Martin Capurro

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